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11th April 2015, 15:10
Hi everyone, I have a problem with my right eye. First thing on a morning I can open my eyes, but next thing I know the right one is shut again, so I open it again and again it slowly shuts. Does anyone else have this? Is this just the start of not being able to open my eyes? I am quite worried about this, my right side is considerably weaker than my left and both my right leg and right arm started going before the left ones, so that is why I am worried about my eye muscles.
I have had MND for 2 years now, am wheelchair bound, with a right hand that is curled over and unusable .

11th April 2015, 15:22
Hi Carole;

Mnd can affect the eye lid operation. I think one part opens them and one part closes them. Different types of Mnd affect these different parts.

You can look at this thread or search others by putting "eyes" in:-


Good luck, Terry

11th April 2015, 15:26
Hello Carole,
The general understanding is that the eyes are one of the last things to fail with MND hence the use of eye controlled computer commands in latter stages of the disease. It may be that like me you are experiencing muscle weakness in the eyelid but I would not concern yourself with this as it can easily be corrected with minor surgery.
Best wishes,

11th April 2015, 22:23
Thank you Barry and Terry, I think it is something in my eyelid, I am not conscious of it closing, it just feels like it would rather be closed than opened. Just another bit of my poor body shutting down!

12th April 2015, 11:38
Hi Carole;

This is mostly taken from one of Garham's post's:-

There are Lower Motor Neurones, LMNs making the voluntary control decisions for muscles in the basal ganglia (mid brain) such as coughing, sneezing, breathing, pain reflexes, blinking, bowel and stomach movement, throat regurgitation, saliva production, yawning, hiccups.

Upper Motor Neurones, UMNs and LMNs interact where they both have need to exert control over the same muscle group, for example, the eyelids. The LMNs control the blink, UMNs control sleep and shut-eye movements.

It won't help much but will give you a little understanding.

Love Terry

19th April 2015, 14:44
My dad has been having problems with his eyes for about 10 months now started with red eye then over time got worse and started in other eye gp prescribed various eye drops but nothing helped so now under Manchester eye hospital and has been for last 4/5 months his eye lids when he sleeping seem to raise and the eye is exposed so the various drops he has isn't repairing the eye at all and dad is unaware that his lid is raised he has the bad eye of 2 taped down at night but things are not improving and has lost some sensation to his eyes, the eye hospital have said he has ulcers in his eyes and now suggested to partially sew the eyes so he will still be able to see but so the eye lids won't raise while he sleeping to see if the eyes will repair, his eye sight isn't the best but I am worried that if they don't repair that if dad's Speech gets any worse his form of communicating will be gone with his sight poor and I struggle to sometimes understand him now :( anyone else had eye issues ? As his consultant says this isn't linked to the mnd but I think it is

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