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16th April 2015, 10:18
For the past week my husband has had neck pain Ibrufen gel and liquid is easing it a bit but not totally we are seeing physio next week so,will ask, but does anyone else have this or is not MND related??

16th April 2015, 12:00
Hi Queenie;

Neck pain is very common with Mnd. I think it's caused by the muscles weakening and by not moving it so much. We don't tend to stretch and move those muscles through a full range of movement so the muscles shorten and get stiff. Don't move your Hubbies neck much to start with and let the physio guide you.

It might be worth getting some neck support, a simple foam one will help alot to start with.

Love Terry

16th April 2015, 14:52
Thanks Terry I will speak to the Physio next week another damn thing to contend with coming all at once !!!

16th April 2015, 15:27
it might not last. Queenie. I went to Indian Head Massage at hospice last week and finished up with abominable neck pain for days. P!us I spend too much time on my laptop! Some balm and copious paracetamols did the trick! Hope it isn't a sign of things to come! Love Joycie x

16th April 2015, 17:14
Steve has always had neck pain after he had a plate put in his neck a few years ago, but it has got worse since the muscles have got weaker, also his shoulder and arms have limited movement, says they feels like lead weights, especially when walking up even slight inclines, bending over ipad at table etc.

The Physio came for the first time yesterday and gave him some neck and shoulder exercises to do, so will see if it works. He uses a soft neck support when too bad and tiger balm helps too. The GP gave him some codeine tablets, but only takes them if really bad, normally if we are out somewhere.
Sue x

16th April 2015, 17:57
I spend most of my days in a recliner/riser chair which supports my back and shoulders but if I am out anywhere without this support I always end up with back ache and neck pain. Also after being in the passenger seat of a car I feel as I've been on the dodgems as I cannot support myself and so my body gets thrown from side to side - again giving me back and neck ache.

16th April 2015, 18:51
Thank you all for the advice will be using these ideas !!

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