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17th April 2015, 10:41
Hi Anyone,

We have a chance to take our campaign for GM604 to ITV.

I would give it a go if I wasn't left to rot, naked in my bed, by Government.

17th April 2015, 11:34
Hi Graham x

How does that work? Sorry, to hear things haven't improved for you. Is there anything we can do to help? tc Becky x

17th April 2015, 11:50
Hi Graham,

You would be the best person to take the horrors of this disease and the complacency of those who should care and the potential change that GM604 could bring about ,to the nation. Would certainly make people sit up and take notice.
I would love to be a fly on the wall if you were restored to full health. There must be one or two people you would like to have a conversation with!


17th April 2015, 11:58
Hi Becky,

A sufferer of MND would email the above email address and request help for the treatment.

This is a new venture by the impressive Jeremy Kyle for people getting a raw deal from medicine.

I am making progress with my legal complaints. I now have exhausted th, the Local Government complaints procedures and the Local Government Ombudsman is now prepared to hear my complaints.

Take care.

Love Graham

17th April 2015, 12:07
Hi John,

Yes indeed! It will happen in good time. I look forward to putting a mirror in front of these faces and seeing if there will be a reflection.

I do look forward to better times and having a beer with you (I may have to use a straw).

Regards Graham

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