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7th July 2011, 15:49
Ive just been having a nosey at members list after seeing there are 490 now. I thought, so many members (especially new ones) that dont post at all, now i do know quite a few just like to read and not post, fair enough, but on close inspection i would say almost half the 490 members are just advertising blogs, websites or something like that, wedding venues, photographers, mobile friggin phones, etc.

Yes i do have my site advertised but i at least contribute to the forum, it may be useless info lol but still a contribution.
I think i perhaps have too much time on my hands at the mo :rolleyes::) i need go get some fresh air!

7th July 2011, 16:44
How did you open the Members List? Nothing happens when I try to click on. Just been out for a breath of fresh air myself - ominous black clouds are threatening.

7th July 2011, 17:04
I just clicked community at top then members list. Not had my fresh air yet, scared of getting scooter out and heavens opening ;)

7th July 2011, 17:09
It looks like 197 has made at least 1 post. can you tell im bored lol.

7th July 2011, 17:34
And I thought I got bored lol

7th July 2011, 18:39
Hi Chris, Thought I would explain why I am a member but do not contribute very much. My husband was diagnosed in August 2011 but deteriorated so quickly that any equipment we bought was useless within weeks. He died in February. I don't feel that I can offer any advice to others as we never had a chance to explore wheelchairs, scooters or anything really. He did have an emergency PEG fitted day before Christmas Eve and they sent him home the next day without showing me how to use it as there was no staff available. By that time he had lost 6 stone. I do read the forum nearly every day as his was the familial form and I live in terror of my children and grandchildren developing this, I am constantly looking for signs such as the length of fingers recently mentioned on here. I am very grateful to the people who keep in touch with the latest research and post the links. This is such a terrible disease and I think about you all, as I am sure others do who just read the comments.
Best wishes,

7th July 2011, 18:54
Hi Ann, i am very sorry for your loss. No need to justify anything, i did not post this to cause any upset to any genuine members regardless of how many posts have been made, I was just noseying round the site bored and noticed the large amount of dodgey looking members (ie with links to other sites)
Please dont take this personally.

Regards, Chris.

7th July 2011, 23:08
I agree with Chris in what he's said Ann, there is great benefit & comfort in reading others posts and it certainly helps not feeling alone when dealing with this. It's absolutely fine to follow and not post.

I too was bored and looked through the member list and a high proportion are american based bloggers and writers who don't post or add anything constructive or people just trying to elicit free advertising by registering & posting an intro.

8th July 2011, 14:28
I've just had a look at the Members List and I am not on there. Not that I mind but does seem odd. Also Chris - says your last post was 1st January 1970!! Something funny going on?? But it could relieve our collective boredom if we were to go through every entry and look for anomolies!

Robyn Copley-Hirst
11th July 2011, 16:00
Hi Miranda,

One of my moderators told me about your post here. I've had a look and fixed the problem... the boring technical explanation below is optional!

I've had a look myself today and basically it seems we have around 30 members who registered with the forum and were sent the usual automated email saying 'Thank you for registering please click this link so we know this is your email'. But around 30 odd members, for whatever reason did not click the link in the email. This would have changed your group or category within our system.

So, when I found you this morning you appeared to me as 'member awaiting email confirmation'. I've altered this so you are now a fully fledged 'registered member', as befitting your post count! And also altered our settings so that everyone who has registered now appears on the member list whether they have confirmed their email by clicking the link or not.

The email can go missing for a number of reasons, but the usual reason is that it's been placed in your junk folder instead of your inbox for you to see.

Everyone should now appear, but if you notice anything odd like this in the future just let us know and I'll have a look.

Hope that helps,


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