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2nd May 2015, 22:15
Just wanted to know if anyone uses compression stockings for purple swollen feet and ankles ? Are they safe to use if no longer have mobility ? Do they provide a form of circulation ?


Night walker
3rd May 2015, 00:23
Hi cc,
Compression stockings maintain blood flowing through leg veins and can help reduce swelling according to the internet. I imagine they could help during the day for this but not sure you wear them in bed or for too long. Do you have your legs raised up when laying down? That might help reduce the swelling. If your legs are very hot or cold to the touch or you have any throbbing make sure you let your GP know. Hope things ease off for you.
Take care
Sylv x

3rd May 2015, 01:06
Thanks Sylvia

Not for me for my dear friend her feet and ankles are a very purple reddish color, and very swollen now. I have a nurse friend who told me about the compression stockings but was not sure if safe to wear without mobility my nurse friend said it would be, but she does not have much knowledge with als patients so I was just concerned.

Upsetting and scary, but we now no longer have the als team involved to help assist, my dear friend is refusing all medical care.

txs again
CC xox

Night walker
3rd May 2015, 01:51
Oh crumbs sorry to hear that! I would try them. You must be so worried, really sorry cc xxxx

3rd May 2015, 04:07
Yes going to get a pair from our medical supply stores. If only we had a doctor's order it could go thru her insurance, but not the case. I really don't see how this type of illness can be managed without the medical team of support ??

Don't think she should be going this alone with just her partner and myself ? Neither one of us knew what the heck we're doing. He watches her breathing, I'm watching her coughing...it's scary. I know there are medicines to help with all the symptoms and strongly believe the experts should at least be coming in to her home to monitor her, but she refuses. No talking to her about it either....difficult situation, but her choices and it is what it is.


3rd May 2015, 09:48
Cc is there a telephone service like MND connect you can ring for advice Or you can email ours, I am sure they would help. I worry about you putting stockings on her without professional say so. It makes things so much worse when she refuses ALS input, doesn't it? Much love, as always. Joycie

3rd May 2015, 12:31
Hi Cc;

They prescribed me some a few years ago. I have put them on twice. they were ordered to my size taking four measurements by the specialist lymphoedema nurse.

Most people don't like wearing them as they are hard to get on and off. I guess anything would help a little that puts gentile pressure on the area. I would get a specialist advise and maybe get ones that fit and an examination of her skin condition.

Love Terry

3rd May 2015, 14:03

I seem to recollect Terry and others use foot spas which massage the feet gently. These may improve circulation and sound like a pleasant experience she may enjoy.


3rd May 2015, 14:04
Thanks for advice :)

Yes Joycie very difficult to say the least without having needed input of the als team, even though they didn't do much they are the support team whenever something needed or a concern they were there. Without them it's very scary and personally I don't understand her reasoning. I can contact the head nurse but now that she no longer a patient I don't know how receptive she will be, after all they are no longer getting paid.

I did research online Pete is does sound like it's because of her lack of mobility and poor circulation. Will suggest soaking them see if it helps. A specialist would be great Terry, but I don't think that's going to happen she refuses seeing any doctors any more.

Her partner was given the number to hospice when the als team was informed she is no longer returning. I researched hospice info as well. My friend has 7 out of the 10 reasons why hospice care should be involved at this point. Not because she is dying but because they can provide better quality of living at home for her and help manage her symptoms so she can have more relief from them and continue living better. Unfortunately I can't approach the subject with her because she shuts down and won't hear of it. So I say nothing now...

Sad for me because just being there for her just doesn't feel like that's enough to me...

Thank you all again

3rd May 2015, 14:34
You can only do what you can do and you are right, it's not enough. She could have such a better quality of life but shutting out the specialists and external help makes that impossible.

She sounds a little stubborn, like some other America that I know, although I think that she would see the sense of help and not make the people around her suffer so much. It's really sad that she chooses this route for all concerned.

Love Terry

3rd May 2015, 15:07
Hi CC,

Would your friend see a physiotherapist? S/he could show her partner how to do Range of Movement exercises and how to massage her legs to move any fluid around.
The ROM exercises are gentle, passive movements which just move the joints. Can she change her position, even if only to elevate her legs every few hours?

Ellie x

3rd May 2015, 15:55
I bought a foot spa, I put Dead Sea salts in it and it is very therapeutic. My feet and toes are more swollen now and purple coloured than they have ever been and get much colder. But I put it down to lack of exercise. I can't stay long on my legs these days. I got mine off the internet
It is called Beurer and retailed at about 50 pounds sterling Much love. Joycie xx

3rd May 2015, 17:48
Terry you hit the nail right on the head.

I could say that very thing to her we have that kind of friendship, but I won‘t. I want our time here and now to be with peace and without negativity. I know she is in an impenetrable denial state of mind, and not dementia. She is self protecting, I respect and accept her choices, as unbearable as it is to watch and impossible for me to understand. I think the call to hospice needs to be made by her daughters and partner and hope they can and will do it, but not so sure. The very last place I want to see her end up is in the Emergency Room that is a whole other animal to deal with. She will not get the compassion, experience and high level of quality care hospice staff can provide.

Ellie is physiotherapy the same as physical therapy ? If so, she had a physical therapist she stopped that as well, but is doing acupuncture, not sure I if getting benefit out of it though. I contacted her daughter and asked her to get a home foot spa Joyice, I will try doing some rom exercises and massagers on her myself. Have no clue how to do it, but will figure it out. If it helps wonderful ! If not it was worth a try.

Your all the best!! Thanks again :)

(Terry I’m not stubborn, I’m just right :) )

3rd May 2015, 18:26
The chimp is right Cc;

Any gentle movement and massage will help a little as will bathing etc.

I was not referring to you as stubborn, I know a lot more than one American lady, still, "if the hat fits, wear it", so they say.

Love Terry

3rd May 2015, 20:03
'liar, liar pants on fire' lmao

and I'm telling Lynne on you....:)


3rd May 2015, 21:12
I have you hooked, good to have you back.


3rd May 2015, 22:34
LOL :)

Thanks for the laugh, and advice much needed.


5th May 2015, 00:40
If you decide to use the compression stockings, put a small plastic bag over the foot first, this will help slid the stocking onto the foot , just remember to remove it.
Love Jam

5th May 2015, 09:53
On Dragons Den ,(TV Program) a lady invented a silk sleeve for the same thing, and It was decided that a silk square would do a similar thing. It is placed over the foot and after the stocking has been put on the silk square can be withdrawn out of the open toe area.

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