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3rd May 2015, 23:11
Hi all,

Does anyone suffer from lazy eye and have they found a solution? Over recent weeks my right eyelid has been gradually closing which I suspect is the muscle failing as this is my weak side. My vision is good but I am worried that if my eyelid closes completely then it will affect my ability to drive.

Best wishes

4th May 2015, 00:29
Barry, Oh, my! The same thing is happening to me on my left side. It's like the lid droops. I also noticed off and on I have blurred vision.

We learn more and more things about this disease.


4th May 2015, 11:09
Gd morning Barry & Lynn, please don't fall into the trap of assuming all your niggles are down to MND. We are all getting older and, as a result, getting other problems to cope with. A trip to an optician or ophthalmology dept at your local hospital may provide an alternative e cause of your eyesight issues. Like you both I had eye problems which I thought may be linked to my medication - it wasn't. That said I do get my eyelids twitching so MND does affect t your eyes. Keep happy ian

4th May 2015, 11:13

I have trouble opening my eyes sometimes and I find it hard to blink with my right eye. There is a recent thread on the subject:-


Love Terry

4th May 2015, 18:48
Thanks for the link Terry and I will take your advice Jan and visit my optician.

Best wishes

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