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9th May 2015, 16:37
it's true . 16 months since diagnosis of MND now cancer of the colon confirmed . They would normally just operate and cut it out, but my MND is too far advanced for that. So the only option I have is radiotherapy . Life is not fair sometimes.

9th May 2015, 16:42
Don't know what to say Juiesim;

I just hope that radiotherapy works and quickly without causing you any further harm.

Love Terry

9th May 2015, 16:56
I am so sorry to read your post Julisim. Thinking of you xx

9th May 2015, 17:22
Hope you find the strength and courage to give the two horrible things a good fight. People on here are so helpful. Lorret

10th May 2015, 00:43
So sorry to hear of the cancer diagnosis, life can be so unfare. Sending you a hug.
Love Gem

10th May 2015, 02:28
Hugs from ALL of us! So sorry to hear of your diagnosis.


10th May 2015, 10:01
Life is sadly unfair, and I am so sorry to learn of this diagnosis ! I wish I had a magic wand and I am lost for words, but will be thinking of you

11th May 2015, 07:34
Sorry to read this Julie. My late Mother was in remission from cancer of the colon when MND came along. I myself was more concerned about getting the same cancer then along came MND. I find myself coping with MND, but to have a cancer on top of that.......??

Kind regards Jock

11th May 2015, 09:42
Hi Julie

Sorry to hear your bad news life is bloody cruel as you know, as if you haven't enough to deal with, big hugs to you xxxxx

All my love Jennie xxxx

11th May 2015, 11:04
Thanks for all your kind words very much appreciated

11th May 2015, 12:50
Hi Juliesim,
I really am lost for words, it's just simply pants! I really do feel for you. Come back to the forum and have a moan anytime you need to, we will all be here for you!
Sending a hug from stranger to stranger.
Freesia x

11th May 2015, 13:02
Dear Juliesim

I am so very sorry for you. Life with MND is bad enough without the cancer on top of everything else. My thoughts and love go to you.


11th May 2015, 13:31
so sorry to read this, biggest hugs to you xxx

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