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11th July 2011, 17:39
Im gutted, pressing the buttons on sky remote is getting harder :( what will i do? also the buttons on the home phone! i am obviously more bothered about the sky remote as when im stuck in all day the tv is a lifeline, i dont know how i will cope when the wife has full control of the tv :eek:

11th July 2011, 17:51

im Going through the same thing, have you got a iPhone or iPod touch or iPad, if you have, then there is an App called the L5 Remote,

It can be programmed to operate any IR device, the app is free but you need a little plug-in device that costs about £25 on eBay.

http://www.l5remote.com/ (http://www.l5remote.com/)

Hope this helps


11th July 2011, 18:04
Not got any of them at the min, i used have iphone but changed it at begining of the year. I am hoping to get an ipad and have been dropping hints for a while, but all i get is there are other priorities at the min! well we do have extension to fund :rolleyes:

11th July 2011, 18:18
Chris you can pick up a 1st gen iPod touch dirt cheap on flebay that's all you need. You don't need a iPad for it although it does make designing the remotes easier, that is defo the cheapest way to do it


11th July 2011, 19:08
Cheers John i will have a look, still want an ipad though ;)

11th July 2011, 19:11
I got one my local mnda group bought it for me, they are good mind you


11th July 2011, 19:40
Cool, i didnt think you could get anything like that. Are they as good as their made out to be?

11th July 2011, 20:40
I was referred to the assistive technology service at fazakerly hospital by prof. Now tv, lights, phone and front door all controlled by one button. Still looking for something to deliver tea and biscuits!

11th July 2011, 20:50
Ahh now that sounds good, one button control, could it stop the wife talking when im watching a dvd lol

11th July 2011, 20:58
does not shut the kids up but I can turn back when they turnover!

Z3 Driver
11th July 2011, 22:31
whats it like at washing , ironing and fetching me a beer :D

sounds like just the job that john . see what i can do.

Michael Balkow , a really nice guy who's helping out at the MNDA found these links for me that help with texting etc on the iphone




12th July 2011, 00:36

My mum has environmental controls to enable her to switch on the TV, DVD, lights, telephone etc (OT referral to health for possum environmental controls). all funded by health; however the assessment about whether it can open the door for her will be done on thursday. the automatic door opening with the environmetal controls is not funded in our locality. they are coming to assess if it is possible with mums door and how much it would cost.

all the best


12th July 2011, 10:36
Wow - what an amazing response. There is so much good stuff on this forum.

12th July 2011, 12:37
My mrs would dearly love this too, I thought I had married my guardian angel, but sometime I see a devil in disguise :o)

I'm not as bad as you just yet and typing with one finger on my left hand. but my left is indeed catching up to my right, we'll have to look for a voice activated TV or something and not give our Mrs any control ;o)

Da Doo Ron Ron
12th July 2011, 17:11
does not shut the kids up but I can turn back when they turnover!

Hi guys, highly recommend ipad for ease of typing and sitting in comfy armchair doing the interwebb stuff. Sounds like I ve got lots to learn with other functions - there'll surely be makemeacuppa ap in due course?!
Be lucky,

Da Doo Ron Ron
12th July 2011, 17:16
Big thumbs up for iPad in so many different ways, guys (and galls!).

12th July 2011, 17:47
anyone know if you can use a switch with the ipad as my fine motor skills are none existant. I can't even hold a stylus!

Robyn Copley-Hirst
12th July 2011, 20:00
Hi Jen,

I have seen a demonstration from a company using the iPad2 as a communication device, and had a play on one, too. They demonstrated the following:


I don't know if you are looking to use a switch in this way or if you would like something which can be used on all Apps in a more general way. I know this company are developing more apps which will be compatible with this switch system in the future. I'll check tomorrow when I'm back in the office to see what else is available.

I hope this helps as a starting point for now, I'm sure others on the forum have their own systems, too.


13th July 2011, 16:37
thanks robyn

15th July 2011, 16:50
I'm thinking about getting the EvoAssist from RSL Steeper http://www.rslsteeper.com/assistive-technology/assistive-technology-products/evoassist I have an ipod touch and might use it with a switch for environmental controls. I tried it out this week and it seems very good.


15th July 2011, 18:10
Sarah it is good but bloody expensive! The basic unit is around£1100, then each module is £250 each, I'm trying to make my own using the l5 remote software on iPad


24th August 2011, 11:57
Had assistive technology out this morning, very helpful and the remote problem will be sorted soon :) also help with the phone which has been a right pain.

27th August 2011, 19:42
I've had my environmental controls assessment won't be going for the EvoAssist. I don't want to use a switch again because eyegaze is much easier. I'll post when I get something installed! I don't know what to do about the phone. I'm wondering if banks etc will talk to me if I'm using a computerised voice. Has anyone tried?



mysisters keeper
5th September 2012, 14:49
some of the communication devices have the option to program the phone and the remote to work on them

8th September 2012, 23:04
My mum found the remote difficult

if you have environmental controls programmed in to your gadgets then you can operate it via assisted technology

my mum could switch on the lights, tv, remote, cd, dvd, telephone with possum equipment, it is NHS funded (depending on your area i understand)
best wishes

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