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15th May 2015, 14:02
This morning I watched a guy who had been diagnosed with MND ,wheelchair bound but that hasn't stopped him from doing something very positive, he was raising money to get wheelchair access to the peak district Trails for wheelchair visitors, many places do boast being wheelchair friendly,but sadly not all are . He is overseeing the work now as a wheelchair user is involved we may get some access to one of the best areas i know well.

There are many projects that will give all disabled folk access to areas that as yet are well beyond our reach, There are better ways to spend MNDA funds this may well be one, its not all about seminars, symposiums, and Research , at least some of us will benefit now unlike research ,that's always years away and may prove beneficial ,given the previous years have done very little so far.

A huge Thank You BBC for keeping our condition in the news.

15th May 2015, 15:23
Thanks Pete;

You do need wheelchair people like us to make sure that the routes are suitable.

Beware of these routes signed as disabled friendly, as some don't suit wheelchairs and scooters as they have a barrier of some type stopping you from completing the journey so that you have to turn around.

It's great to keep our condition on TV.

Love Terry

15th May 2015, 15:47
that's so true. we were out last month In beautiful countryside. the road was paved and it stretched ahead....but then there was a locked gate with a stile. absolutely no use to a wheelchair or scooter! Had to turn around and come back. I love the countryside.
I have had to give up motorcaravanning this year because I can no longer access the van. It is completely heartbreaking. I have been out camping and caravanning since my teens, some 50 years ago. I totally agree that more countryside paths should be made wheelchair friendly. Much love Joycie xx

15th May 2015, 19:47
You know for a developed country with supposedly well educated and intelligent people in control of such things, we STILL dont get it right for wheelchair users.
Since pushing my Mum in a wheelchair, I have come to notice all these really annoying things that hamper and make a wheelchair users life difficult. For exampled disabled toilets that dont have enough space for a wheelchair and carer or enough space to turn the wheelchair. Kerbs on pavements that are dropped in the wrong places or not at all. People who continue to talk to the person pushing the wheelchair or with the person using the wheelchair as appose to the wheelchair user, some dont even acknowledge the wheelchair user and this isnt the general public this is health professionals etc.
On Radio one news tonight they were discussing access to music concerts and festivals for wheelchair users and seems that isnt very accessible at times.
Some really simple solutions that cost very little could easily be implemented in most places but arent!
I hope the gentleman is successful in gaining better access to the Peak District. I live about 1000 yards from the P.District boundary. I'm currently sat looking out of my lounge window at the beautiful countryside and it fills me with sadness that not everyone gets to see even a little part of this lovely part of our brilliant country.
Freesia x

Night walker
16th May 2015, 05:14

Took hubby to a barbers last week, rang round for step free access but even so when we got there it had steps. I just laughed at the barber when he said they were only tiny steps, he couldn't roll the wheelchair over them and I wasn't going to try. Found one in the end but you cannot trust what you are always told when it comes to places being wheelchair accessible.
Good on this chap for opening up the Lake District.
Sylv x

12th June 2015, 07:43
Morning Folks,

Yet again another mention bout MND on Breakfast BBC1 this time it's to do with voice banking,still anything is better than nothing

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