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21st May 2015, 22:22
Hi all just got back from break in Ireland.told Tom's family about his mnd, they didn't realize how things are going to progress just thought it was his speech that was affected. I was just reading netties threads and realized I am writing similar things . I'm really worried now... lorret

Nettie B
21st May 2015, 22:47
Lorret, Im so sorry that I've worried you with my ramblings. That's the last thing I would want to do.
Do remember that no two people follow the same path with MND. Trevor's illness took a totally different route to the one that was expected by anyone so please don't think that Tom's will be anything like his.
The thing to remember is to make the most of what you can. So many people told us that but we thought we knew better. We wasted months of time and so much energy in trying to move house when we could have been out and about enjoying the sunshine.
I didn't listen when people said I needed to have some help. I wouldn't have become so irritable and grumpy if I had. Again, I thought I knew best!
Those sort of things are more useful to pick up on than the other stuff that may well not happen.
I've still got things to learn about how to get back to normal.
This time I will listen to that advice. I know your watching Dave and Jane !!!!
XXXX Nettie.

21st May 2015, 23:08
Thank you nettie, I was more surprised how similar my posts have been to your first. But I am worried about Tom's version being quick,I guess that's part of living with mnd. I have two good friends who were nurses but both have m s ,they keep us positive.

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