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22nd May 2015, 09:43
what do other people do about their itches. I am most frustrated that I can't scratch them

22nd May 2015, 11:48
they drive me mad, especially around my nose.

look forward to seeing responses.

22nd May 2015, 14:02
Hi Julie,
Best advice I can offer is: Make sure to dry thoroughly after showering, moisturise very well and don’t get too warm.
I also have my children well trained as expert scratchers!
Ellie x

Pam S
22nd May 2015, 18:59
My husband can sympathise with you, he has constant itching all over his legs, torso and face, he feels as if some thing is crawling under his skin especially his nose and behind his eye, drives him mad. Pam S

23rd May 2015, 20:14
Steve also has lots of itching around head, ears, nose and legs. He also says it feels like something crawling. He takes antihistermine when it gets too bad which the doctor recommended.

Sue x

10th June 2015, 22:48
Steve went to see the consultant today at QMC and mentioned the itching. He suggested seeing someone about testing to see if something is causing it and is writing to his GP to arrange it. We know he has a reaction to grass, rape and dust but this never caused itching just sinus problems. We will see if it brings anything up.

Sue x

Pam S
10th June 2015, 23:22
Hi Sue, Daves not yet been diagnosed with MND. Hopefully he won't be. We are still waiting to go to Sheffield to be given the results of all his tests. But the creepy crawly feelings under his skin on his face especially around his nose and eyes are still driving him mad, one good thing yesterday and today he managed to walk a little further than he has been doing, absolutely shattered tonight but he will not give up trying. Pam S x

11th June 2015, 09:22
Not sure if we are talking about the same thing. I get itching and have a flexible backscratcher similar to below link.
I get bad itching behind knees, calfs and arms. in winter I use E45 itch relief in pump dispenser (prescription) in summer it all goes away after few hours in sun (vit D). I have 4 old school fly papers (B&Q) hanging from hoist track, which reminds me I haven't had a Chorley cake for yonks. Laters Dude.


11th June 2015, 11:34
Steve uses the E45 itch cream and antihistamine and they do give relief, but it drives him mad and when he scratches he comes up in lumps so think they just checking it out. It sounds like a lot of you get itching, think the nerves are just a lot more sensitive.

Sue x

11th June 2015, 12:45

A couple of you say about crawling things under the skin. Does that mean that the Itch moves slowly from one place along or that it feels like something under the skin moving but in the same areas?


11th June 2015, 13:34
Just trawling th'internet, someone suggests rubbing head with apple cider vinegar relieves itching. If tha

28th February 2016, 15:31
My husband, who has ALS, suffered dreadfully from itching, until he was prescribed fexofenadine, 180mg. He has been taking this for about 3 months, and is not itching nearly so much. Hope this helps someone.


28th February 2016, 15:49
I have tried a number of thing Daffodilly;

I find it a lot worse after Christmas till May time and then it goes away mostly. If things get really bad Ice will stop most itches but be careful as you could cause a cold burn. Cold water works quite well.

Look at this thread as well:-


Love Terry

28th February 2016, 16:01

Are u too warm? Last week in the hospice I got very itchy on my belly and back, which I attributed to being too warm.
My house is much cooler (and more comfortable) given that we have to pay the gas bill!

Ellie xx.

28th February 2016, 16:03
I get itchy on sides, behind legs, arms and shoulders E45 itch relief sorts it out, of course when the sun comes out , no more itching (vit D maybe).


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