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14th July 2011, 05:47
Hi all

Does anyone know of, or use leg braces for support, it has been recommended that my son take a look at what's available.

Robyn Copley-Hirst
14th July 2011, 11:02
Hi Sonia,

Just a quick message to say good luck, and I apologise to the thread in advance for butting in on the conversation as I don't have any first hand knowledge of using braces.

You mention that your Son has been asked to look at what's available. If you're not getting specific guidance already, it should be his physio, if this is a mobility issue, and they should be giving very specific guidance and recommendations as to what braces are suitable rather than asking your son to look at what's available.

If this isn't something that the physio is able to give themselves, for whatever reason, they should still be able to point you in the right direction to another professional.

It's also something which, if you find yourself having to find the money for these, that you are welcome to apply for funding from the MND Association for them. Connect would deal with this on 08457 626262.

Take Care,


14th July 2011, 17:57
Hi there,
I have two leg braces and they have been the most simple but brilliant support particularly when I was more weight bearing as they really helped me to walk. Miraculous little devils - as we often say, the simplest things are often the best -you should be able to get for free from your Physio, as its medical and you will get straight away - if not inexpensive, just plastic sheaths with a footplate and velcro fastening. You might need a shoe size larger for the leg you wear it on - I bought larger shoes and then put a insert in the other before I started using two.
Good luck.

15th July 2011, 03:53
Thanks guys I will follow this up


15th July 2011, 13:23
Your GP should refer your son to see a Orthotist.

17th July 2011, 21:28
Hiya- my mum was given a leg brace from her physio- it helps her with the leg drop. However she could not attach it herself because of the velcro etc so we had to adapt it ourselves

If i were you i would follow Robyns advice and speak with the physio or get a referral to the physio if he does not have one


19th July 2011, 04:16
I do not have first hand knowledge to leg braces by my sister has used one before. It would be easier to move, that is if you still have great control of your hips or thighs. In her case, the legs did not respond that much and she would just rely on her knees and thighs to move. Though she did not make that much movement, she was happy to see that there was still some sign of mobility.

19th July 2011, 07:41
I have just been given a foot lifter for my dropping right foot.
It consists of a reinforced sleeve which fits with velcro around lower calf to ankle with an attachment each side of the top. Another attachment is affixed around the front of the foot with velcro. It can be worn on bare feet or over footwear. The foot attachment is connected with elastic strap to the attachments on the leg sleeve.
It has totally stopped me tripping over my toes making it easier to walk, but the biggest benefit has been the improvement in ankle movement when driving. It lifts the foot back off the accelerator giving faster reactions.
Only snag is that it needs an undersole protector to preserve the underside of the foot attachment.

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