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31st May 2015, 13:30
Been having Scopolamine patches put behind the ear for couple of weeks. Definitely worked at reducing saliva.
The odd thing is though my eyesight has got worse all of a sudden. I need glasses for reading. My eyesight was ok with prescription glasses. I also bought a cheap pair from retailers and they were classed as number 2. Hade to send Lisa to get me new stronger pair, she bought two and half, still no good, she went back and got another pair, number 3. It only took a week for eyesight go bad. Much better. Waiting for optician to come to house now.
If you are using these patches check the side effects on the leaflet that come in the box

31st May 2015, 13:47
Hi David;

Don't know much about these patches but most drugs seem to have a down side now. I think it's due to us now having less neurons to make the circuits and it not taking much to disrupt them.

Love Terry

31st May 2015, 14:21
I had patches prescribed but I read about side effects (I hate taking medication and I always check!) It said it might cause bowel problems. When I was on really strong antibiotics following my PEG infection, I had really bad problems with my colon and I don't want that again. So I refused them, If I get real problems with saliva, I take Pete's advice and dose up on Kwells tablets. I hope your eyesight is improving, Dai. You don't want any issues with that as well, do you? Much love Joycie xx

31st May 2015, 14:38
the exact same thing happened to me within a week of going on them. went from ok eyesight to needing glasses 24/7.


Nettie B
1st June 2015, 07:56
Could it be because successful reduction in saliva production wll reduce other natural secretions?
The only drug that reduced Trevor's drooling was glycopyronium. However it made him dreadfully constipated.
Just a long shot but could less fluid on the surface of the eye be affecting your vision? I suffer from very dry eyes probably because I have to use use another eye drop to keep my eye pressures down.
When they are dry the focus seems to be affected particularly when reading. I use lubricating eye drops which make my eyes more comfortable and my close vision seems a bit better.
Worth a try maybe. I use "hypromellose" and you can use several times a day, in fact as often as you need it according to my opthalmologist. It only costs 2-3 per bottle over the counter at any good pharmacist's.
The only problem I have is getting into a routine and using it often enough!
Good luck!

the exact same thing happened to me within a week of going on them. went from ok eyesight to needing glasses 24/7.


2nd June 2015, 10:20
Dear All

I now drool continously. The nurse arranged for me to have some patches to put behind my ear to dry this up. The problem was I had an extremely dry mouth. I removed the patch 3 days ago. Obviously I am back to drooling but my mouth is still dry.

I notice that some of you use Kwells but doesn't this do the same thing? Are there any drinks that can help? I sip water all day but my mouth is still dry.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


2nd June 2015, 13:58
Hello Anna.

I was prescribed the patches in Sheffield but haven't taken them because of the stated side effects. I hate having a dry mouth, would rather put up with the saliva. Kwells are there as a back up but I don't often use them. Grannie Annie recommended that I take SST tablets which you suck as and when necessary when you have a dry mouth and my neurologist prescribed them for me two weeks ago. They are on my bedside cabinet but I haven't used them yet (I just don't like taking medication at all!!) But GrannieAnnie uses them.

I sometimes wake in the night and have such a dry mouth and it is this I hate. I have a drink with me and the tablets if I want them.

See if you can SST prescribed. 50 in a small bottle

Hope you are having a decent day. I have just been to hospice for reiki and I really enjoy that. Three weeks done of six week course.

Much love

Joycie xx

2nd June 2015, 16:10
Hi Anna,
Joycie is right I do have the SST tablets but I also have a spray which seems to work well for me. Its called Glandosane. In the night if I wake up with a dry mouth then a quick spray usually does the job. Like Joycie I do not like taking medication if I can avoid it, but I am happy to spray. It can be used when required. I find it helps when the saliva makes me cough and choke. Just a thought for you. I too have Kwells but find they make me drool even worse than norm - horses for courses - we are all different. Good Luck Ann x

2nd June 2015, 16:25
Dear Joycie and Grannie Annie

Thank you so much for your responses. I will certainly give the SST tablets and spray a try.

You and this forum have come up trumps again!!


2nd June 2015, 22:32
I used to use the glandosine spray at night but no longer seem to have that problem.

Nettie B
3rd June 2015, 14:39
Had a chat to my optician friend about the connection of dry eye to vision. He says it is quite common for dry eyes to cause a change in vision. The lubricating drops (hypromellose) are often recommended to solve the problem.

When you start on successful secretion reducing treatment it quiet reasonable to assume that it could dry the eyes as well as the mouth. So do try the lubricating eyes drops folks. Cheaper and easier than changing your glasses.

Maybe the spray that Grannie Annie uses does the same thing. I don't know anything about by the tablets.

Love from Nettie. (Long term glasses wearer and dry eye sufferer!)

3rd June 2015, 16:36
i don't doubt that's true but surely it would reverse after you stopped taking them?

i only took the patch for a week but the effect is permanent.

Nettie B
3rd June 2015, 21:31
That certainly disproves my theory!

13th June 2015, 19:44
Dear All

Thanks to you all on this forum and your helpful comments I thought you ought to known how I had got on.

I had excessive saliva. I was prescribed patches behind my ears which made my mouth really really dry. However I now take Kwells. Just one a day so far and saliva has not gone but considerably reduced.


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