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2nd June 2015, 19:30
I remember the utter frustration in trying to communicate mainly with my carers. First I relied on
'telling' 1 carer who would pass it on to the other team member (10 in all). This didn't work and
actually inreased my frustation. I then successfully moved to typing & printing out memos which
go in a lever arch file which they can ALL read. This works especially well with new carers who can
spend a couple of minutes getting up to speed with my specific needs, i.e. Please only fill my mug
3/4 full, otherwise I spill it or Please put your cigarette butts in the bucket of sand provided by the
back door instead of in my garden and driveway. Lol
May sound petty but important to me.

2nd June 2015, 19:52
Thank you!! when my dad was first diagnosed and we had the prospect of lots of new carers coming in I thought of writing a list of his needs / wants / preferences and a potted history so he didn't have to keep repeating himself - and with everything else going on I forgot to do it!! So thank you for reminding me - I will get it sorted this week and put in his file for the carers.


2nd June 2015, 20:21
Lists can be great BUT;

Some professionals just know the best way of caring for anyone, their way and it does not work on me, so a battle and I keep refering them to the list.

Some just can't understand instructions and "wing it", well they try to and I have to refer them back to the sheet.

Others read the whole page, try to memorize, get things in the wrong order and try to dry me before i have actually got wet.

One in five read each line and do it in order and are easy to work with.

You can't teach people common sense and to care for others.

I have a life that's probably a thousand times easier than another person here, just have to put up with care for two weeks a year, it's still generally leaves me frustrated a few times.


3rd June 2015, 08:08
I not really talking about a list. I'm referring to 1 thing at a time as they come up. I still have the myriad of basic
mistakes even the best carers make, slippers on wrong feet, boxers back to front, drying me when fully soaped,
ectetera. These are things we laugh about daily. If something bugs me badly I just do a memo and it's sorted.
Like a hurdle race, but in a wheelchair. Lol

3rd June 2015, 10:11
Hi Pam Another list I find invaluable is my shopping list, not groceries, but things I use every day like toilet rolls, flushable wet wipes, shampoo, body wash, small binbags, razor blades, shaving gel, soluble headache tablets, toothpaste etc. My youngest daughter
checks stock and replenishes them once per month. Sorted, another weight lifted.

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