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16th July 2011, 12:14
I saw my respiratry consultant yesterday. He has recommended a cough assist machine. Has anyone any experience with one?

Jacqui Priestley
16th July 2011, 18:22
Yes I have, although limited. I was given one to trial last week as a way of preventing chest infections. I have found it quite easy to use and actually like the feeling of having my lungs expanded beyond what I can do myself. I don't always cough - depends on the amount of gunge in my trachea.

20th July 2011, 17:26
Hi Jen,

The cough assist machine is a brilliant piece of equipment, a must for anyone with a weak cough. Unfortunately my throat spasms and clamps closed making it less effective. The feeling of having your lungs expanded is an amazing feeling.

Good luck

20th July 2011, 19:52
My dad has one it has been a life saver really as he has a very weak cough and when he feels some felm it helps him get it up.

Also it is an effective physiotherpy tool as it expands lungs and works the lungs, this helps to prevent chest infections x

if you wanna ask anything eles just pm me hun x

24th July 2011, 14:15
I was coughing a lot more lately and had this all down to the COPD but now I know it’s the MND too. Just shows how helpful and informative these forums can be

Ange M
24th July 2011, 19:45
Steve used one for a trial for the Hallamshire team and he found it to be very effective and advantages, as has been said he struggled to have a good cough and also help with chest infections. we never got to trial it with his trachy in though.

27th July 2011, 15:15
My neuro is in the process of arranging an appointment for me to be examined by a respiratry consultant for the purpose of using a cough machine. I was a little apprehensive but after reading your comments I am rather hoping that it will be sooner than later because I am having a bad time with phlegm.

Thank you and all the others who wrote about the machine

31st July 2011, 17:19
thank you for all the comments. They all sound positive about this piece of equipment.

Crazy girl
8th October 2011, 10:28
My husband has been coughing a lot over the last few days, I know we need to call the mnd nurse on mon but was just wondering what this means? Can anyone explain their experiences to me?

Is it because he has stuff in his lungs or because he can't cough up properly? Is this what a cough assist machine does?


8th October 2011, 20:16
I am going to get the machine on Monday. As I understand it because the muscles aren't strong enough for an effective cough.

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