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17th July 2011, 12:52
My other half is indeed incredibly strong, her Mother is senile and back in hospital after having her second leg amputated, her other sister is dying from cancer and Iím dying with Motor Neurone Disease COPD and emphysema, her last remaining brother, well letís just say he is eight weeks into the drink? Just before the weekend we got a phone call telling us her younger sister the last remaining able bodied of her family was rushed into hospital with a heart attack

What a nightmare her knowing she was the only able bodied member of her family and she works full time as a care assistant on top of all this

Round of applause for her and all women who certainly bear up to pressure a lot easier than men seem too

17th July 2011, 23:49
blimey, you and your family are going through a difficult time- thinking of you.
take care

Robyn Copley-Hirst
18th July 2011, 10:21
Hi Poet,

Your partner must be dealing with so much right now, as your whole family are, but if she ever needs anyone just to talk to she is more than welcome to call us here. She may feel that everyone else has their own health problems right now, but your whole family really is going through a lot right now.

Take good care and I hope your family hears some positive news shortly.


18th July 2011, 23:37
Hi Poet,

The challenge your family has been thrown is daunting and I wish your family all the best at this time. I wonder if there is support available from Age Concern, Samaritans and such like caring groups?

Best wishes


24th July 2011, 14:21
She's also still going through the change of life, all your support and kind words are very encouraging and greatly appreciated

MND Connect helpline