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17th July 2011, 18:18
Does anyone know where to get a distress alert button - I am choking quite frequently and if my partner is in another room I cant shout to him for help me and as I can't move its a little scary??? Ive looked on the net and can only find rape alarm type thing and dont want that sort of high decibel screech but something that makes an audible but less aggressive alarm.

20th July 2011, 17:18
Hi Vanessa,

Sorry, only just seen your post although I check in several times a day. Many people use a wireless door bell or wireless baby monitors, simple but effective.

Hope this helps

20th July 2011, 18:50
Hi Jeannie,
Wireless doorbell - thats the job, simples. thank you, vanessa x

20th July 2011, 19:50
Hi if you find out in your area where is your closest assistive techinology (ours is in liverpool) they provide panic alarms as my dad is on a vent and needs to alert us so he has something like a wireless doorbell but it has a special button as he has lost use of his arms they can provide alsorts of aids if you want you can pm me and i can give you the number to the one in liverpool and ask if there any near yourself =]


21st July 2011, 11:42
We use wireless doorbell too. I am still able to get out into the garden but have fallen over a couple of times and can't get up. So now take the doorbell buzzer with me - means I can have some independence and still get on and do something I enjoy.

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