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21st July 2015, 09:54
My husband spends a bit of his time on an online game that has a 'live chat' element to it. I was wondering could something like that be included in this forum? It would be especially good for those times during the night when we can't sleep!
It might be too complicated, I have no idea about how these kind of things work or what is required in the set-up, but as I had the thought I decided to post anyway.

21st July 2015, 11:00
My husband spends a bit of his time on an online game that has a 'live chat' element to it. I was wondering could something like that be included in this forum? It would be especially good for those times during the night when we can't sleep!
It might be too complicated, I have no idea about how these kind of things work or what is required in the set-up, but as I had the thought I decided to post anyway.

Hi Gill,
Sounds like a great idea to me, anything that gives a more instant response would be a step for the better, don't know what exactly would be involved in setting up that format, I hope MNDA tech wizards will give it some thought and respond .


21st July 2015, 11:07
There is an Instant Messaging facility for members on the forum. You have to have an IM account with a provider.
Not sure if it can be more than a one-to-one chat.

21st July 2015, 11:15
Personally Gill I prefer forum posting because you can pick up nuggets of useful info without joining in the thread. Dude x

21st July 2015, 13:42
There is nothing to stop chats on the forum if people wish. When you are on it says who else is online or you could arrange to chat at 3pm say. Wouldn't be private but could involve groups of us at the same time.


21st July 2015, 14:51
Sounds like a great idea to me!

21st July 2015, 17:33
Hi Gill I know you originally wanted a chat for hubby in the wee hours, but going off on a tangent, as I usually do, maybe we could have a quiz at a fixed time, say 3pm GMT. Take it in turns to ask 1 question and first to answer gets a point. Posting time would show who was first and google would not be quick enough, just in case, heaven forbid, someone would stoop so low Lol. We could call it 'What's the point' . It would be good fun . Dude x

21st July 2015, 19:55
LOL That sounds like fun Dude! I’ll play !

When Terry, and I are playing Chess, there is a ‘live’ chat feature, and we are able to chat back, and forth very quickly with one another. Even with the time difference, when we are both there at the same time it makes the game even more fun!

It would be great feature to have here, or a meet up time could possibly do the same.

CC xoxo

22nd July 2015, 05:22
We are all so lucky that the Internet has evolved as it has. Ellie, where is the IM in the forum? I can only see PM.
The'what's the point' idea is a good one. Weekly pub quiz!

22nd July 2015, 07:04
OK CC 3pm GMT is about 9am Eastern I guess. We won't have english spelling in the quiz Lol Dude x

Gill But without the pub, maybe we can all have a Pimms or G & T and toast the winner. Dude x

22nd July 2015, 10:49
What does GMT mean ??

I’ll be there Dude unless I’m busy winning against my English King again :)

We always have spellcheck to help us cheat…just leave out the math questions please Lol 


22nd July 2015, 10:56
Greenwich mean time CC. It's a place in London, England where all the world's times come from. Dude

22nd July 2015, 11:02
You need to be careful here, Greenwich mean Time is one hour behind the current time in the UK. So 3 PM GMT is 2 PM in the UK.

22nd July 2015, 11:38
Guys this is already starting to sound like math with the numbers...and I know this because I'm already confused?? LOL :)

Just tell me what time to show up US time and I'll be there. Dude, I hope you have a very good question prepared for the team ? :)


22nd July 2015, 11:39
I checked with Ohio when I did birthday toast for lynne. She is five hours behind us. Don't know about cc in New Jersey. So 3 pm our time is 10 am in Ohio. Love. Joycie

22nd July 2015, 11:41
Just checked. Same for New Jersey. 5 hours difference. Joycie. Xx

22nd July 2015, 11:42
LMAO !! :) :)

Dude this game plan of yours is not working out already, if we can't even figure out the time to show up!! hahaha :)

22nd July 2015, 12:32
it made me giggle too, CC ! xx It will be interesting to see how good you Americans really are! Hope you are well! Love, as always, Joycie

22nd July 2015, 14:11
LOL Or we can play the boys against the girls Joycie, Family Feud style! Remember that one with Richard Dawson ? Fun :)


22nd July 2015, 14:11
Obviously I meant to say BST. Lol.

22nd July 2015, 14:12
There are sixteen members logged in. Where is the question Dude?


22nd July 2015, 14:19
Perhaps that is the question! When is the quiz going to start? John, I can see great confusion coming here, can't you? It is making me laugh already! Much love. Joycie. Xx

22nd July 2015, 14:21
And, cc. It is a non starter. Girls v boys. They don't stand a chance, do they? Ha! Ha! Love. Joycie xx

22nd July 2015, 14:48
Sorry, it was toilet break. OK CC 'What was the name of the ship on 'Mutiny on the bounty' Dude the quizmaster.

22nd July 2015, 14:52
I guess you will already have noticed the main 'side effect' of this quiz is laughter, which as you know is the best medicine.

22nd July 2015, 14:59
I think you are going to have to start a thread of its own, Dude called Quiz at Three or something similar. Then newcomers will see it - otherwise they wont know about it! leave the title to you! love joycie x

22nd July 2015, 15:17
I didn't mean today Joycie . We need to work the details out, i.e. Do we ask 1 question at a time each. Is time 'etched in stone' . 3 - 4 BST ?. Latecomers can join in . Weekly total wins. I'm just throwing it out like Princess Anne and the horse meat question. Dude x

22nd July 2015, 15:58
Dude, I think Joycie is right you should start a separate thread for it to avoid confusion.

You should also give a category to the question. For example, is Mutiny on the Bounty a 'movie' ? (I think it is. Are we allowed to google? lol)

3 - 4 BST ? What does that mean, another time thing ??

Agree Joyice - Boys vs Girls a no brainer who the winners will be :) :)


22nd July 2015, 16:26
I think it was a book, tv & movie CC, but the name of the boat remained the same.
Maybe we should forget the quiz.
British Standard Time.
You can google but you may lose on time, i.e. if someone is smart enough to know the answer. Dude oxo

22nd July 2015, 16:32
I love the question Dude!

22nd July 2015, 17:02
Yes, there's no such thing as a hard question.

22nd July 2015, 17:17
Hi Gill Sorry for highjacking your thread. I for one am not internet savvy, but I think it would need people to be awake at the same moment in time, unless you set a time (I'm not going there again LOl). I guess Lynne & CC might join in. I go to my room at 7.30pm bst and leave my pc behind, but I awake every 2 hours so maybe I could partake if carers brought my desk up in the lift/elevator. Dude x

22nd July 2015, 17:22
Hi Pete, I play Lexulous with my neighbour, that has a place for messaging too. You will find it at Lexulous.com and we play via email.
If you want we can set up a game - at least I can find out how to do it xx

22nd July 2015, 17:32
A book, TV and movie!! ok, well then at the risk of already looking stupid it was definitely before my time :)

Agree, let's pass on the quiz section, and move onto the game Lol


22nd July 2015, 17:57
OK CC : What is another common name for the 55 miles per hour speed limit in the USA . Clue : Money. Dude oxo

22nd July 2015, 18:44
No problem Dude, I have really enjoyed the thread!
Gill xxx

22nd July 2015, 18:53
Me too, Gill. I have laughed a lot today. Done me good! Love. Joycie. Xx

22nd July 2015, 19:07
Here's the question for you Dude; a New Jersey one; Who came out of New Jersey, and is also known at 'the Boss' ?? (to easy ? lol)


22nd July 2015, 20:13
Bruce Springsteen.

Love him


22nd July 2015, 21:50
Me too! :)

1 point for the boys team lol


23rd July 2015, 01:50
And it should be on "Off Topic" thread just so's there's no problemos


23rd July 2015, 11:27
Ok Lynne New thread 'International quiz'. i've got a sister named 'Lynne' she lives in Spain. Dude x

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