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29th July 2015, 21:28
Not sure who to contact about this, but my husband, who was diagnosed with mnd/als two weeks ago, has been told he does not meet the 'membership requirements' to join the forum. Just wondering how this can be? It has really upset me, as I feel this will become a lifeline for us all over the coming weeks. What can we do to sort this?

29th July 2015, 22:22
Hi Gill;

I think that's rubbish as nearly anyone can post here. One of the major reasons for not being accepted is if he's under 18, is he???

If you both use the same email it might be a problem but other than that it must be a hiccup. PM one of the moderators Clare or Jay if the problem persists. Don't be upset, persist and we will welcome hubby soon.

Love Terry

29th July 2015, 23:42

Terry is right. The Rules and Privacy policy are set out above and unless hubby has made an error in entering jus date of birth there does not seem to be any reason to bar him from membership. The other option is that as Terry says there is a problem if you are both using the same e mail address. You could get a new e mail address and see if that makes a difference otherwise you will have to contact a moderator to sort it out. You could pm a moderator from any post they have made on here. They may only be around office hours.


29th July 2015, 23:55
I am confused.com. Gill, you have been posting regularly from Germany updating us about how you are getting on. You are firmly established with us all already. So it must be the same email address, mustn't it? Have you got another one, Gill? Much love. Joycie. Xx

30th July 2015, 00:49
No Joycie, it isn't. Hopefully it will be sorted soon.
Waiting for our furniture to arrive in the UK!

30th July 2015, 01:20
so you are back in Blighty! That is one major step forward. Let us know how you get on, Love Joycie xx xx

30th July 2015, 11:04
.... I feel this will become a lifeline for us all over the coming weeks.


We could produce a strong case for 'now' being the most important time for you to join this happy band. We all get a reasonable idea of what's coming as it approaches, but there's no easy way to swallow the diagnosis pill. As you will be aware by now, diagnosis is based almost exclusively on symptoms - you're in the game either as a patient or close to someone who is. As such, if my experience is anything to go by (just joined) you are welcomed into open arms here.


31st July 2015, 13:28
Hi GIll,

Really sorry to hear this - unfortunately we have had to revert to pre-moderation mode as we have had an influx of spammers joining us recently as you may have seen.

I have sent you a PM and I believe Claire McArthur has too. Once he has signed up again we will approve ASAP, apologies for the delay and any inconvenience it may cause.

Best wishes,


31st July 2015, 13:52
you could consider communicating that to our members via a post. that way we all know what's going on.

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