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3rd August 2015, 15:34
Come and join us for an informal get together and a cuppa! Meet others with MND and carers to share tips, advice and experiences of MND. We meet between 2-4 pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Garden Centre in Wootton, Northampton (next to Waitrose).

1st September 2015, 09:57
Northamptonshire Branch
Come and join us tomorrow for a friendly informal meeting of people with MND and others affected by it. As usual, we meet at the Garden Centre, Wootton Northampton between 2.00 and 4.00 pm for a cuppa and cake. No need to book.

5th October 2015, 18:55
We will be meeting for a cuppa and cake on Wednesday 7th October at 2 o'clock in the restaurant area of the Garden Centre, Wootton, Northampton (next to Waitrose) If you are affected by MND join us for an informal chat and share experiences. There is no need to book. From next month, we will meet at lunchtime.

6th October 2015, 08:18
Hey can you ask the powers that be what MNDA are doing to a slice of the 5p a bag action capische. Dude

6th October 2015, 11:58
Dude - why don't you ask? We're just a local group who don't get involved in such matters!! Anyway I don't understand what you are on about!!

6th October 2015, 12:07
OK I will. 5p charge for carrier bags at supermakets . It's been on news.

7th October 2015, 11:01
Hi Miranda I sent a 'begging' emither to LIdl supermarket HQ to see if they wanna share their windfall with MNDA. Dude x

7th October 2015, 15:31
Tesco was asking for charities to contact them to share in their windfall.

7th October 2015, 16:05
I'm sure MNDA have fully explored all avenues. I contacted Lidl, if any response I'll pass to MNDA. Maybe VW could help to get some good publicity.

7th October 2015, 20:29
It was the capische that threw me! Now I understand - thanks to google. Fingers crossed we get some of 5p bag giveaway.

8th October 2015, 07:43
LOl The capische was because I was in a 'conversation' with CC about her Italian grandmother it kinda' overspilled. It's the neurons.. Dude.

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