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20th July 2011, 20:29
Diagnosed with PMA version of MND Dec.2009. Did a lot of exercise (walking, Tsai Chi, circuit training) until Dec2010 and benefited from it.. Jan/July 2011 little exercise as had hospital treatments for irregular heart beat.TIA stroke, passing out and acute glaucoma, and heavy colds. Hence my physical state has deteriated due to 2 effects (MND & little exercise). Intend to start gentleish exercise again - mobility movements, walking with 50m faster bits and perhaps small weights. Am I optimstic in assuming some physical improvemnt can be achieved. Comments and expriences please.

20th July 2011, 23:52
Hi Knarbic,

Go for it!

Best wishes


Robyn Copley-Hirst
21st July 2011, 11:48
Hi Knarbic,

If you find this helpful, or any other people looking for information on this online find this helpful as a starting point - here is our information sheet on Physiotherapy, which includes large sections on different types of exercises, what the aims of these are and also on what impact this can have on joints and muscles. There's also a section on moderation in exercise and information on who to go to for advice on your individual needs.

Physiotherapy for people with MND (http://www.mndassociation.org/search_clicks.rm?id=1926&destinationtype=2&instanceid=237450)

If you've already seen this, Knarbic, I apologise but hopefully others who may be looking for information for the first time may find this of use.

The best of luck with everything you're doing,


21st July 2011, 17:25
Thanks Robyn, it's a document that should be read by all who have MND.

7th August 2011, 15:31
I am in the very early stages of MND having been diagnosed early due to muscle wasting in my hand. I have been doing aqua aerobics, at first once a weak but now twice a week. I found this really helpful as I could move my arms legs etc and not have the weight constricting the movemnts.. Also if I "fell over" no one noticed and it didn't matter if I missed some bits out -- no-one could see..

My problem now is that I hurt my hip/back picking up my grandaughter's toys. I couldn't move and was hospitaliesed for 3 days, on pain killers including morphine. I'm now home and can move, sometimes easiliy and sometimes with a zimmer frame (which I had never needed beforfe). I understand these are caused by muscle spasms. My question is:-
DO I CARRY ON WITH THE AQUA AEROBICS? sorry for the typing & spelling. All advice welcome

7th August 2011, 15:46
I would say carry on if you feel you can do it, but dont do too much, start off very slow and build up gradually. As long as you can manage it and not ware yourself out its goto be a good thing, surely.

20th September 2011, 16:32
Hi Anne 1312

After I wrote my first entry I was in a similar position to you being in much groin/back pain through twisting to move something heavy. Stayed in bed or lounged around for about a week - 10 days with painkillers and anti inflamatory pills. Then gradually restarted my exercise routine very, very, very gently, taking less pills. It's taken a while but I now exercise for about 50 mins. a day - 10 mins stretches then 30+ mins controlled walking with deep breathing. I now feel really great although I can still sense slightly the groin/back situation.

Lessons learnt - before moving anything get into a position where you don't have to twist/ if in doubt don't try to move it..
- exercise does work but take it gently and progress gradually.

Hence my advice is the same as that of Chris. Good luck!

20th September 2011, 21:48
Hi Anne, Try gentle streching under a warm shower. This might ease your muscle apasms.
Best wishes,

20th September 2011, 23:16
Hi all

Over my long 11 years with mnd, I've had times when I've been really sick. I spent weeks in bed and was extremely weak. But I've always started to exercise again, slowly at first. I am a great believer in exercise and think it's good to do as much as you can. I was always told to be careful and not to do too much. But I didn't listen and push myself quite hard. It's worked for me. I went to my hospice gym today and cycled for 25 minutes and had a fairly long walk with my carer holding my arm. I feel quite tired but pleased that I managed. Exercise is good for the body and soul!


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