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9th September 2015, 14:28
Hi just wondered if anyone new where there might be a support group near where i live in harlow essex.

9th September 2015, 18:08
Sorry Denise;

I was going to reply earlier but i'm in hospice on holiday and got pulled away. It would appear that you are in the center of a few but they might well meet near you sometimes. Have a look at this link:-


It might be best to email/phone Mnda direct and ask them as they will give you the information and perhaps get the wheels in motion for a Mnda visitor.

Any problems, post back here, love Terry

9th September 2015, 19:38
Thanks terry, ill try that link now.
Hope your ok, thinking of you. Take care. Ill let you know how i get on. just looked terry & stevenage is the nearest, or london. There is nothing local. X

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