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6th October 2015, 18:25
Does anyone know the correct dose of Vitamin B12 that is recommended for MND patients? I have read it must be a high dose but not sure how high.Also where does one get high dose B12 as I have found only low dose in my local health food shops...thanks Dani

6th October 2015, 19:31
Hello Dani,

There is two types of B12,..you need Methylcobalamin type, don't buy the other,
If considering taking Folic Acid,..don't,...buy proper Folate

This one you keep under your tongue, it'll quickly dissolve straight into bloodstream


6th October 2015, 20:37
Thanks for your help Ray...I shall order online. I still don't know how much to take though?
Perhaps I will take Folate as well. I am slowly taking more supplements...I have been a bit worried about taking some supplements as I am not sure of their inter reaction...cheers Dani

6th October 2015, 21:11
Hello Ray
Thanks for that information, is it one tablet a day.
I've just ordered them.
Keep posting Ray I do follow your posts.

6th October 2015, 21:53
Hi Darryl,
Yes one per day, unsafe to recommend higher,.unless found to be deficient of it.
I've posted on it ages ago,
Don't be frightened to take any supplements, particularly Vitamins and Minerals,..
they are "designed" to substitute what you're probably lacking from your diet, nothing more.

There's many things you could take, which benefit the whole body,..
If you want to take every Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme, Amino Acid, etc, under the Sun..
Try Moringa,..nothing iffy,..it's been used by the World Health Organisation for 40 years,
Is that not a good endorsement!!


7th October 2015, 09:32
Thanks Ray
Searching for your moringa post now.
Where do you buy it.
Ps how is the foot. Did you let the fool amputate the leg!
Don't know what the guy was thinking!!

7th October 2015, 11:41
Thanks Ray....have ordered the B12. I am very interested in Moringa...I had never heard of it. Do you take it?
I am determined to find the right supplements for me..I refuse to sit and let this disease take over without a fight.I appreciate your help...Dani

Night walker
7th October 2015, 19:33

I buy Swanson Full Spectrum Moringa Oleifera (400mg, 60 Capsules) from Amazon. There are lots of different powders but I make sure it is Moringa Oleifera and hubby has 1 in the morning and another 1 at night. Not too sure what they do, Ray's post did tell me but I've forgotten, I just follow his advice, it's not let me down and i haven,t killed anyone yet. My hubby has been on a cocktail for about a year now and I think they have helped him as he has not rapidly progressed but we won't ever know if that's the sups or just the despicable disease.
Best regards

7th October 2015, 22:26
I have had Pernitious Anaemia for 20 years which means my body cannot absorb B12 from my food. As the levels in my body decrease I become susceptible to infections as it weakens my white blood cell count apparently. I also find myself getting tired more quickly. As a result I have an injection every 10 weeks of Hydroxycobalamin. It certainly makes a difference in my energy levels and I seem to get fewer infections.
Might be worth speaking to your GP and see if that is a route worth trying.


7th October 2015, 23:11
Hello Dani,

There's many vitamins the body needs to function properly,..or can do with, when ill,
You hardly ever hear of someone taking a mineral,...always vit c, b12, b complex, etc,

Minerals are just as important, many in trace amounts, but still required,
minerals are derived from the soil,.but unfortunately due to methods of harvesting over the
past 30yrs or so,..the top layers of soil don't have any nutrients in it,..just fertilizer.
Then you're buying/using bags of convenient frozen veg from Asda, is there any goodness left.

If you were to start taking vitamins,..which one's,..and what about minerals???
It could could cost a small fortune taking various one's, bottles all over the place,

I mentioned Moringa (posted on natural help thread)...because it contains virtually all
nutrients the body needs to live on.

It was used in East Africa for 40yrs by the World Health Organisation, to combat famine,
because it's so nutritious,..it was mixed into their meals.

It can be capsules, or powder, mixed onto/into, your meals, or dissolve under your tongue,
Either see the post on it, in natural help, .or Google...Moringa research...
If you want a source, let me know,..don't buy iffy stuff


8th October 2015, 16:36
Hi Ray...thanks for all your help and advice. I am very new to this so I am still learning. Could you please send me your source for Moringa?
I presume if I take this I need to take little else. It would be very helpful if we knew exactly what causes MND to begin with!...cheers Dani

8th October 2015, 16:49
Hi Dani,

I get mine from troohealthcare.com as I do with most supplements. Very reliable and ethical.

Best wishes

8th October 2015, 21:24
Hi Barry,
Could you tell me how large the moringa tablets are? I can only take smallish tablets with yoghurt until I have a peg fitted.
If I took these, would I not need any other supplements?

Thank you

8th October 2015, 21:46
Hi Mags,

They are approximately 8mm as capsules but as Ray states you can buy powder form.

Barry x

8th October 2015, 21:53
Hi Mags,
If you want to take it, especially peg-fed,..mix it into drinks,.buy powder form


Read what the add says, or see my original posting,...it's just nourishment for the body,..
to ensure the body's got every vitamin and mineral it needs,.plus vital amino acids,..
therefor your body will be healthier and stronger,..to resist/help fight,..progression.

It's better than loads of bottles lying about,.convenient,
It says on the tin,.."all the body needs"..so you don't need other supplements,..which would help

Barry's brand seems ok, http://www.troohealthcare.com/p-827-moringa-500mg-120-capsules.aspx
but peg-feeders would lose out,.the powder version is good for putting on foods/in drinks


8th October 2015, 21:59
Thank you guys. I'm will order some in powder form

Mags x

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