View Full Version : Bravery and Motor Neurone Disease

3rd August 2011, 13:09
The people keep telling me Im very brave, yet I never agree as its only through this disease not having any cure (as yet) that I (as all other people with MND) have no choice but to ride this out and take whatever that comes to me as a direct result.

To me its my family and the (eventual in my case) carers who are brave

I know were each and all different in moods and thoughts too, and I know as time goes on that any anger I feel will not be directed at family or carers but at myself for my being able to help or do things for myself as I used too

If you live with or care for someone with MND then never forget you are the brave one

3rd August 2011, 13:57
I was once told if it`s something you can do something about then do it, if it`s something you can`t do something about then it`s not worth worrying about. I`ve always stuck to this principle as much as I can.
Good luck to you PCR

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