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6th November 2015, 12:34
Good afternoon everyone,

Check out this Blue Badge translation tool for travelling in Europe by iCareHireInsurance - click here (https://www.icarhireinsurance.com/disabled-driving-in-europe).

The print-out simply explains, in the countries language, that you're a disabled visitor to the country and that your Parking Card should allow you the same parking concessions as a disabled citizen of that country.

A useful resource for blue badge holders. Thank you,


6th November 2015, 13:40
Thanks Jay.

A useful website. I have printed my Italian version for my next trip.


6th November 2015, 13:51
Where you going Barry. Dude

6th November 2015, 14:50
I have so many happy memories of holidays in Italy, when young we once drove all the way to Palermo in Scilly in my beloved VW1302S Beetle to stay with a school friend and her Italian boyfriend. This year I bottled it and went to Suffolk instead as I was worried that I would struggle at the airport and getting around the 14C castle where we usually stay. Still I've got my memories and we are lucky as we've been to Italy well over a dozen times, these days we go to an Italian cafe locally for americano and ciabatta.
Ciao, John

7th November 2015, 10:23

I'm not going until next June but I book flights as soon as possible. I need a reason to believe things won't change in my mobility and holidays are that reason. As our health deteriorates we can adapt but we should never give up.

Best wishes,

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