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grannie annie
21st November 2015, 08:59
I really don't know whether to try and have a "normal" Christmas because my husband won't be able to enjoy the food, and can't give or receive any presents. My sister and brother-in-law want to visit and have a normal family Christmas, but I am not sure that a low key quiet time wouldn't be better for me and my husband. Others thoughts on this much appreciated.

21st November 2015, 10:17
Hi Annie, I am having trouble deciding what to do this xmas too, I live on my own but I was not diagnosed till June this year , and spent last xmas at a friend's house but I am now so not able to walk at all and have to use motorised wheelchair in my flat, am worried that I won't be able to physically get around in his house. I have two sons but there homes are not wheelchair friendly either,so other than struggling at my friends I can see me being at my own home,then the other problem is as you said I won't be able to shop for Xmas presents this year either. Not easy is it when we have always been very mobile, xxx love Jan Q.

grannie annie
21st November 2015, 10:47
oh Jan it must be awful living on your own and relying on a wheelchair that won't go around your sons houses. I do hope your friend or your sons can come to you over Christmas and do some Christmas shopping for you. I can do Christmas shopping for the family and send the presents from myself and my husband, who is bed bound, but there is almost nothing I can give him except lots of TLC. and he is upset he won't be able to go out and buy anything for me.

21st November 2015, 10:56
We don't have normal Christmases any more. It all is so much work for my wife and also I am quite isolated if there are four or more people.

Perhaps ask people to come around for a couple of hours Jan, and bring some nibbles with them.

It's a hard time, we will make it a easy day.

I manage to buy a few presents on line and I use my PayPal account.

Anyway I need the rest after Christmas eve.

Love Terry

21st November 2015, 11:06
My views on this subject are as follows:

Don't let this disease dictate. If you lock yourself away in isolation then family and friends will avoid you. I appreciate the practical challenges but if you can't go to them then bring them to you. Even just one friend or family member would make your Christmas special. If you take food via a tube, the other person/s can still eat with you. There are some wonderful meals ready made these days.

I have bought my presents this year online. Nobody needs the hassle of fighting your way through crowded shops and this includes food shopping. M&S have a catalogue where you tick what you want, hand it in and collect it when you want. Someone could do this for you.

Please don't be alone at Christmas.

Love and best wishes.

21st November 2015, 11:38
Baa humbug .

21st November 2015, 12:46
It's my 1st Xmas since diagnosis, every member of my family including myself and hubby are going to a lovely hotel (where we got married)
It worked out expensive and at first, I didn't want to be around so many people at once but then I thought, NO, I won't let this disease stop me. Although I will have to ask for my meals to be mashed or liquidised and to overcome the dread I have eating in front of people, I am now looking forward to it. Fortunately, I am mobile but I still think ordering gifts on line is the way to do shopping.
Please do not think of having Xmas alone Jan. Note what others have advised.
Mags xx

21st November 2015, 13:38
Annie This my seventh or eighth since diagnosis, second without solid food. I love Christmas and love to see the grandkids playing with their toys and having fun. Last year, with visiting family and friends the house was packed all day. I'll soon be going on my usual trip to Toys R us or Smyths to get a selection of 'grandad's toys' for them to open at my house. I give my kids ? - correct. I see no reason whatsoever to allow my illness to interfere with mine or my family's enjoyment. Dude xx

21st November 2015, 14:31
Well said Dude,
My four grand children will be coming to the hotel Xmas and I'm so excited to watch them open their presents. I got my 8 year old grand daughter a huge guy the gorilla from Smythes, it's much bigger than her, I know she had her eye on it. I love it, I want one myself��
I'm also going to think of plenty of games we can all play.

21st November 2015, 14:43
Another place I'm going is Dobbies garden centre. They have loads of unusual games, food & candy for Christmas. They have stores all over the place. Well worth a little ride out. Dude x

21st November 2015, 16:30
Only the Grinch is allowed to steal Christmas. Don’t allow this illness to steal any more than it already has. Mnd can’t steal your heart or your mind. I hope you’re all surrounded by the people you love the most, and who love you the most. It’s what matters the most.

Break the rules, break the traditions… or not :) Either way….have it your way, and on your terms :)


21st November 2015, 16:34
Never heard of Dobbies? We have Poll Hill garden centre and it sounds similar to Dobbies.
Toys, games, food, homeware, sweets, all sorts. Thing is, I can spend and spend on them��
Mags xx

21st November 2015, 17:08

Reading or Shepton mallet or MK. It's Scootish. They sell haggis. Dude x

21st November 2015, 17:13
Happy thankgiving for next thursday CC & Lynne. Xo

21st November 2015, 17:31
My nearest one would be Ashford, a 45 - 55 minute drive.
Yes, happy thanks giving Lynne and CC

21st November 2015, 17:52
Nice little run. It's worth it. x

21st November 2015, 23:13
Thanks Guys for the 'Happy Thanksgiving' wishes :)


22nd November 2015, 09:04
Will turkey be on menu CC. Dude xo

22nd November 2015, 15:22
Of course Dude :)

I’m Italian we start with antipasto and end with expresso and tiramisu, the turkey is somewhere in there.

The feast goes on all day, it’s a bit ridiculous to me to be honest. Then at midnight all the food comes out again and it’s turkey sandwiches for everyone. My hubby has a lot of cooking to do. I have a good excuse my family likes his cooking better than mine. That’s fine it works for me :)

I’ll be busy still trying to beat Terry at chess while their cooking, eating, and eating, and watching football LOL


22nd November 2015, 15:32
Lol to all that CC. Dude xo

23rd November 2015, 00:38
Sounds great CC. Caprese, prosciutto, pecorino and lots of Chianti just to keep you going until the turkey is served. I'm just going to book my flights to NY. Send me your address.


23rd November 2015, 03:13
LOL :)

You’re more than welcomed Barry, and it sounds like you’ll be bringing the antipasto ! Caprese my favorite…plenty of Chianti will be waiting for you :)


6th October 2016, 20:52
Hi does anyone have any ideas on things to do on Christmas day? It's only me and my mum this year, our first year without dad. We're not sure whether to go away, stay at home or what ��

6th October 2016, 21:23
Hi tabby, we were just talking about this very subject last night me wondering if we should go out for a meal or what to do,, don't feel like celebrating this year at all, if I didn't have my son then I probably wouldn't bother,, what are your thoughts on it?.. Anyone else having these thoughts?....
Katrina x

6th October 2016, 21:36
It's tough isn't it. We were actually thinking of going to Edinburgh for 3 nights, the only place open on Christmas day is Edinburgh zoo!! Weird way to spend Christmas but might take our minds off things. But then I couldn't imagine being away from round here. Decisions, decisions! Xx

6th October 2016, 21:55
I would have thought that it would be good to go away as you might just think of your dad all day, Tabby;

Love Terry

7th October 2016, 12:33
Hi tabby
I think you both should go away, not do the same thing you have done on previous christmases.
I lost both my parents and a brother within 18 months. So I can understand why you are struggling with this.
Seeing as you won't want to celebrate, understanderly so. Maybe book a little cottage and take the photo album with you and have your own Xmas remenising, have a wee drink for your dad. You can cook Xmas dinner away from your home.
Whatever you decide I'm sure it's will be right for you both.
Mags x

7th October 2016, 14:47
Hi Tabby

I had a friend who's 19 year old son was tragically killed in a car accident right before Thanksgiving, for her and her family life was never the same nor were the Holidays.

They decided to go out of the country every year for Christmas and return after the new year. It's been close to 10 years now, and they still leave the country for Christmas.

Do what your heart tells you to do, and it will feel and be right.


8th October 2016, 11:44
This subject has brought back many happy memories of when we used to host a Christmas dinner for 14 family members. I love cooking so I would prepare menus in advance. Some of the family are vegetarian so I would offer 3 options, meat, fish or veggie (never the traditional turkey as my wife is not keen).

Over the years as the older generation passed away and the children had their own family we were down to my wife and me plus the 2 mothers but still determined to play host we would carry on with the tradition just a scaled down version. Now that my m.i.l is in a dementia care home we are down to 3 this year. We could go out but we like to eat in the evening and most restaurants close after lunch. Whilst I can still manage limited cooking I have decided to buy easy to cook food from M&S this Christmas.

I hope that whatever everyone does during the festive season they are fulfilled and able to share memories of happy times.

Love and best wishes.

11th October 2016, 22:12
Hi Barry, sorry to hear that but good you have plans. Yes we used to have big family Christmases too until relatives emigrated to new Zealand or passed away. This one is going to be tough but me and mum have just booked to go to Edinburgh for Christmas so that should take our minds of it. Although now I feel totally guilty about leaving my little cats with a cat sitter on Christmas day!!! Aaagh I can't win lol x

6th December 2016, 22:04
Well I never realised Christmas would be this hard without dad. Struggling to even put any decorations up at all ��

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