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21st November 2015, 17:08
Help, can someone tell me how to delete this account ? cant find delete button any where not even help tells me how
Please help

21st November 2015, 17:39
Hi Arty;

You can delete posts but I don't think that you can do account. Why do you want to leave?

I have reported the post so it should be deleted by moderators next week.

Wish you all the best, Terry

22nd November 2015, 00:35
Hi Arty,
If you delete all the personal info you entered when you joined that may delete the account. Failing that you could send a pm to the moderators and explain you want removing from the forum. Alternatively you can simply stay away. There are no downsides to remaining a member even if you don't think you will need or want to use the forum. Sorry you didn't get much help with your request for a wav but few people have one they don't need unless they stay on the forum( like me) after the person they were caring for had died. Our wav simply was returned to the leasing co we were using under the motability scheme.

22nd November 2015, 07:57
For every 'negative' response from members there are a 1000 positive ones. Please stay. Dude x

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