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12th August 2011, 14:12
I cannot move my mouth very much. However there has been some sort of change because I have started biting the inside of my cheek and lips. It's pretty painful, anyone got any solutions?

Jacqui Priestley
12th August 2011, 19:05
Yep, I have the same problem. My dentist has made me a brace which I wear at night which has pads to keep my cheeks away from my teeth. It took a while to get used to but it works

13th August 2011, 12:36
I also have this problem - it's a nightmare if I sneeze because my teeth seem to clamp onto my cheeks and lips as I am trying to prevent an avalanche of saliva etc going everywhere!! Have found the best product to help heal the bites is good old fashioned TCP as a mouthwash or even put on neat.

13th August 2011, 19:42
Hi Gypster,

I am the same with ulcers after ulcers. My mouth muscles spasm in various ways usually at night, my teeth smash together and quite unpleasant is when the lower jaw spasms sideways and I bite down on the outside of teeth. When sneezing I have to concentrate on keeping my tongue in.
I hope the new movement you have noted is a marker of improvement. The sideways jaw spasm for me is history, thank goodness.

Best wishes


13th August 2011, 21:18
my mum has had this problem for a while and now she has found that her lip is changing shape, going crooked/ lop sided and also the top lip line is less definite. She wants me to ask if anyone else has this problem (associated with bulpar palsy we think).

By the way, she wanted me to let you know that a few months ago she was considering having permanent lip liner applied so that when she could not put make up on it was already there. now her lip has changed shape and gone wonky she is really glad that she did not have it as it would be more obvious.


14th August 2011, 11:30
Grahm - my teeth also smash together at night - hadn't really connected it to MND until you mentioned it. Lucy - my mouth, like your Mum's has taken on a life of it's own with bottom lip lopsided and crooked.

17th August 2011, 14:05
I have that too, apparently our face changes shape as the MND progresses.

I also get things stuck to the roof of my mouth and that can be scary

9th September 2011, 22:43
I have also noticed my face has become very greasy,my mnd nurse tells me it is part of the symptoms you can either get greasy or dry skin, oh well just another annoying symptom to cope with:mad:

10th September 2011, 22:15
I bite my cheek, have jaw pain and my mouth looks terrible. My teeth have even moved. Really hate my mouth now :(

11th September 2011, 10:02
Sorry got nothing to add but wondered if you are Colin aka Gypster from the als chatroom?

22nd November 2011, 17:07
My mum aged 82 has bulbar-onset MND which was diagnosed in Sep 2011. She has been complaining for months (even before the diagnosis was made) that her tongue feels as if it has been scalded. Now she also finds that food gets stuck on her palate, and between her gums and cheek. Has anyone else has this scalded feeling?

22nd November 2011, 18:15
My mum aged 82 has bulbar-onset MND which was diagnosed in Sep 2011. She has been complaining for months (even before the diagnosis was made) that her tongue feels as if it has been scalded. Now she also finds that food gets stuck on her palate, and between her gums and cheek. Has anyone else has this scalded feeling?

I Have exactly the same symptoms, it makes eating very slow and I need to eat carefully.
Regards Mark

22nd November 2011, 19:11
Hi Mata,
Sorry to hear that your mum is having problems with eating. As the tongue gets weaker there is not much movement to move the food about in the mouth. Food can get stuck and if left can cause mouth problems.
I clean my hubbies mouth with diluted sodium bicarbonate using pink oral sponges on a stick. I then clean with diluted mouth wash. He use Retardex Toothpaste which is non- foaming. This all seems to keep his mouth clean and helps to prevent mouth problems. I got the swabs from the District Nurses although a paediatric toothbrush will do. I hope this helps.


2nd December 2011, 05:27
Thanks for those tips. My mum is still able to care for herself and when we visited the dentist on Wed he suggested a Waterpik to wash her mouth out with as well as the pink (or in out case green) swabs on sticks. We found a WP450 cordless one on offer for 40 and she has used it with dilute mouthwash for the last 2 days and loves it.

4th December 2011, 14:56
Hi Mata,
Thank you for your reply. I am glad that you mum loves the Waterpik. I saw on You Tube looks ideal. Unfortunately my hubby tends to think maybe too much water which he cannot tolerate.

15th October 2013, 07:21
Just been reviewed by the dental hospital after being referred by my dentist for biting the inside of my cheeks and getting very sore. The hospital has suggested getting a night guard fitted by my dentist.

Does anyone know how much this might cost? And why do we have to pay for it if it is a a result of MND symptoms!

15th October 2013, 11:29
Yes I know the feeling !and once you have chomped on the inside of your cheek because it swells up you tend to bite it even more so vicious circle , I tried a bite guard and to be honest it did stop me from biting ,but it also stopped me sleeping , couldn't get on with it at all, so just try not to think about it now still have the odd accident mainly when laying on my weaker side ,and never while eating ,which I found odd , you can buy them on line but custom made ones would be far better , as for cost ,well dentists are known to be like Vets , charging stupid amounts for very little in the way of return ,just hope you find a way .


15th October 2013, 14:35
Hi Hazelnut;

I thought that most of my mouth biting was whilst I was awake, unlike Pete it happened quite a bit whilst eating. It is another thing for me that has lessened as the Mnd has progressed.


Hi Miranda:
Sneezing is a problem and I try to close my teeth. It normally works for me.
The last time i fell was due to a sneeze as well.

15th October 2013, 16:26
Most of my cheek and tongue biting is when I sneeze. So I try to avoid it by pinching my nose really hard - this usually works. It also avoids the embarrassment of a full blown sneeze which is not pretty!!

15th October 2013, 21:51
Quote from the dentist was 75 so not as much as i thought. Had the impression taken today and get ut nect week.

Only hope I can sleep with it in but if it helps it will be good.

Hazelnut ( aka Geraldine)

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