View Full Version : Will NEVER eat at Mcdonalds ever again.

13th August 2011, 11:24
Will NEVER eat at Mcdonalds ever again. My mother took a bite out of her bigmac and found a hair which totally put us all off our food but when we opened the bun there wasn't just one hair there was a whole clump! I was severely gagging for a good 10 mins. We obviously put in a complaint with the manager and got a full refund. We still have the bigmac, hair and all and will put in a formal complaint to head office. The manager offered us more food I said you can't be f**king serious lol

13th August 2011, 18:52


13th August 2011, 20:42
Oh my god thats shocking! I love maccys and that has put me right off!

17th August 2011, 19:33
same here, chris!!!

I am gagging now at that jeannie and i am not even eating! Disgusting. they should pay for you a nice meal somewhere nice!

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