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4th February 2016, 09:56
Hi all I am struggling with loads of mucus at moment, and also have recently been having spasms in my larynx. It is very scary as the ability to breathe is gone completely through the nose or mouth, they only last for about 30 seconds but it seems much longer, has anyone else experienced these and any advice would be very welcome. Xxx Jan Q.

4th February 2016, 10:16
Hi Jan;

I have been having throat spasms for a few years now where the throat seams to close up. Not sure if it's just in the brain or/and a physical thing. My only thought is that if I pass out the muscles would relax and breathing would start again. A bit callous but true. It has never happened and I don't panic like I used to now.

Mucus was a hell of a problem when I had a man cold but fortunately I don't yet have that problem.

Love Terry

4th February 2016, 12:22
I had that, had a succession of paramedics around to clear mucus. It is scary! I

If I get panicked by spasms, I take 0.25 mgs lorezepam under my tongue to relax muscles. Within ten minutes it works It is a sedative so may make you drowsy! But it is worth it!

Peter calls them my funny tablets!

Might be worth getting them prescribed

Much Iove


29th December 2016, 15:02
The presence of mucus in the nose and throat is necessary. It moistens and cleans the nasal membranes, humidifies air, traps and clears inhaled foreign objects or infectious agents (i.e., fungi, bacteria and virus), and fights infection. The average human body produces about a liter of mucus per day. Normally, you don't notice all that mucus because it drips down the back of your throat and you swallow it. Only when your body produces more thin mucus, or the mucus is thicker than usual that it becomes more noticeable. This increased mucus production in the nose and throat could be a sign and symptom of many common illnesses that include common cold, influenza, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, deviated septum, cold temperatures or excess dryness in the air, and certain foods or medications (including birth control pills and blood pressure medications). Is your nose and throat discharge thin and watery, or is it thick? Is it bloody? What color is it? How long has it been present? Has it been present all the time? As you know, nasal mucus is normally clear and thin. During times of infection, it can change color to yellow or green either as a result of trapped bacteria or due to your body's reaction to viral infection. Mucus build-up is also caused by cystic fibrosis with extremely thick production of mucus that is difficult to expel. However, sometimes the problem is not that you are producing too much mucus, but that it's not being cleared away effectively. For instance, swallowing problems can cause a buildup of liquids in the throat. I would suggest a visit with a primary care physician to have your condition checked out and establish a diagnosis so that you can be treated appropriately.

29th December 2016, 16:07
Hi Chloe19,

What is the purpose of your visit to this forum?

29th December 2016, 21:06
Hello Bary
I think Chloe's post is self explanitary. Chloe is welcome to make as many of these informative posts as possible we need them.

30th December 2016, 11:01
Darryl, I'll bet a tenner that "Chloe" is a Bot...

Baz babe, your radar impressed me :D


30th December 2016, 11:52
Hi Ellie

What is a 'bot' ?

I googled it and it came up as an internet robot, is that correct ?? I didn't know they have internet robots that pose as people ??? how bizarre....


30th December 2016, 11:57

30th December 2016, 12:31
Oh how creepy !!!

Well at least Chloe is an informative robot, and seems like she comes in peace LoL


30th December 2016, 12:40
No, Bots aren't good.

The info posted above is too generic and not specific to issues associated with bulbar problems in ALS/MND and is, in effect, meaningless.

30th December 2016, 12:49
Darryl, I'll bet a tenner that "Chloe" is a Bot...

Baz babe, your radar impressed me :D


Hi Ellie,

A post on a thread almost a year old is a bit of a giveaway.

Barry x

30th December 2016, 13:05

Yes and the fact is that this thread was started by Jan and included Joycee, both sadly no longer with us.


30th December 2016, 15:58
I hadn't a clue. I thought it was a new member giving out information....but I have no computer savviness.

I'm taking this online CPR training class that's mandatory for all hospital employees. I had a choice of taking the 2 hours hands on training class or the 2 hour online class. I chose the online class, what a mistake!!

I can't pass the darn the thing !!!

I killed two infants that were in cardiac arrest and one male patient having a heart attack! I couldn't save all 3 of them! I had to put the AED pads on them, give shock, stand clear, chess compressions, give breaths all on the computer Gang ! I was having a full blown anxiety attack and to make it worse there is a live clock ticking in 'real time' that your required to save the person in a matter of minutes!!!!

The computer graphics are stunning they look like real live people.

I've taken this online test 3 times and haven't passed it yet and its due by Jan 1st oooooh :( :( ....I wish Chloe the bot could take it for me! LOL :)


30th December 2016, 19:29
Don't beat yourself up CC. Can you enroll for the hands on class?

Barry x

30th December 2016, 21:38
Hi Barry

No, too late for the hands on course. Test has to be completed, and passed by Jan1 for all employees who's CPR certification had expired, I was one of them.

I thought for sure I would breeze thru the online class until the virtual infants I had to save looked like real babies ! The computer simulation was more terrifying then the previous hands on classes I took in the past.

My first try I couldn't figure how to make all the computer stuff move quickly and accurately. My 2nd attempt I couldn't figure out where to place the AED pads correctly on a child (that took me 5 minutes to figure out) and the child lost too much oxygen, so another fail. My 3rd try I didn't do the right amount of compressions per breaths.

All the time the clock is ticking, my heart is racing, and I'm breaking out in a in panic !!! and its only a computer simulation! I definitely would not the be right person in a real life situation that's for sure.

I have to pass by Sunday or I get a level 1 infraction, and still have to pass test.

I even tried to bribe my kids with money if one of them would take it for me, but they didn't want to do it for 2 hours Ugh :(

Trying again tomorrow ...


31st December 2016, 00:15
Hi CC. Take your own advice, calm down and you will do it. You know how the thing works now and where to put the pads etc. etc. You'll do it for sure. GA xxxxx

31st December 2016, 11:49
Thanks Ann, Barry. 'Fourth time a charm' I'm confident of it :)


31st December 2016, 16:28
Be positive CC U will ace it.

31st December 2016, 18:00
Thanks Ali Chris.

Turns out fourth time not such a charm :(

I was on a one man CPR team (just me) on a child and was suppose call for help after 2 minutes of CPR, I remembered to call for help around 4 minutes! not acceptable to the computer.

Oh where is Chloe Bot when I need her LoL

Thank goodness there is no limit on how many times I can take it. Its New Years Eve having a big glass of wine and giving another go ....I can do this ! staying calm :)


31st December 2016, 22:16
Lucky 5 ! :)

done and done...Phew ! now will keep everything crossed no one ever has a heart attack in front of me ....if the heart attack doesn't kill them I will !!!


1st January 2017, 12:27
Must have been the wine that calmed you down CC.

Barry x

1st January 2017, 13:41
LOL :)

Yes it must have been Barry.


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