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25th August 2011, 13:48
Uncurable Motor Neurone Disease

They say I値l be physically up and down
That there値l be days I値l certainly frown
They say the pain may get quite bad
Yet there is no cure, this is indeed sad

They say my body will weaken badly
I値l need a collar and wheel chair sadly
Yet my eyes and ears will still work
Occasionally muscles may spasm or jerk

They say I値l need a tube in my tummy
To be able to feed now that痴 not funny
Most likely I値l lose the power of speech
As all my capability to stretch or reach

They say my brain will be unaffected
Yet unable to talk it痴 sadly reflected
I reckon I値l take this in my steady ease
Uncurable as it is motor neurone disease

It makes it hard to see my future life
A burden to family causing them strife
With time as it takes away my breath
They say it will eventually cause my death

Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108
Pen name Christopher Robin

25th August 2011, 19:33
you dont pull no punches christoper and we all have to deal with it ...but i will get by with a little help from my friends.

28th August 2011, 13:27
I know my friend, but it needs mass major public awareness so they can get a lot more than the current 1.6 million a year by fundraising?

I try to make the poems fit for everyone who suffers from, MND and I hope it did not offend or overly distress anyone suffering

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