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30th March 2016, 07:20

My Dad has bulbar palsy mnd and is struggling at the moment to cough and clear his throat. He's been to a lung/breathing clinic who have said they will try and get him a machine to help remove all the mucus that builds up... They've been saying this for a while now and he still doesn't have one... Is there anyway of getting one quicker?? His breathing a quite bad and he really needs one ASAP. Could you point me in the right direction to get one for him?

Jade x

30th March 2016, 08:33
Jade Call Neuro doc and get him to kick ass. It's disgusting. You gotta mither these people. Best plan is move to Merseyside lol. Dude xx

30th March 2016, 08:38
Hi jade,
There are two possible AIDS. One is a suction machine where you or someone simply sucks out mucus in the same way as the dentist removes excess water when you are having treatment. These are usually powered by a rechargeable battery. The other is a cough assist machine. My wife was never able to use this so I only have vague recollection of it. This worked by fitting a mask over the face and breathing pressurised air. This additional pressurised air enable you to cough. Talk to the doctor and or mnda . They are usually loaned. The cough assist came from the lung specialist clinic but I think the suction machine probable came from the mnda.


30th March 2016, 11:46
Hi Jade

mndconnect has replied to your private email.

Please let us know if you have not received that reply.

Best wishes.


1st April 2016, 10:17
Hi Jade
I take Mucodyne to loosen the mucus and use a nebuliser with Salbutamol ; provided by the NHS support team. I then use a Nippy Clearway machine as a cough assistor to bring the mucus up. It works well but the cough assist takes a bit of getting used to. It is provided by the Sleep Service at St James in Leeds who are very helpful. It mimics the physiotherapy techniques used to clear lungs.
Hope this is of use.

1st April 2016, 11:08
Thanks Dugald;

For your very informative and precise post. I'm sure that posts like these will be very useful.

Regards Terry

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