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28th August 2011, 13:32
Debbie is a friend and an inspiration on facebook, Debbie to has MND Progressive bulbar palsy (PBP)

She was writing to me telling me she cried when she is on her own hence I've wrote this for every MND sufferer and their families too, wrote with one sole finger on my left hand

Lonely Heartfelt Tears (for Debbie)

Indeed I cry when no ones there, when Im alone
Worrying about my partner being left on their own
Folk like me worry more so about their children too
Wondering without me will they find a way through?

Im not all alone with my lonely sad bitter tears
Countless folk yearly have the very self same fears
Day in day out they sit there lonely and crying
Asking God tearfully why it is that theyre dying

Hoping that someone will help them or ease
Pain that they face from motor neurone disease
Some live a lifetime others a brief short while
Hence theyve good reason when alone not to smile

But when around family friends they do hide it well
Not wanting their inner sadness to reflect or tell
I wrote this for my friend shes telling me straight
That death is calling her that lifes end is her fate

I wrote this knowing that I would die myself too
There is currently no cure, no real help from you
Yes men and women daily cry, worry about life
The life of their children their husband or wife

We cry not out of fear at facing lifes final end
But at knowing well miss folk we love and depend
I pray God in Heaven grants each angels fine wings
To comfort those left whatever their life brings

Dont you feel selfish in any lonely hours of grief
Cry as much as you want into your handkerchief
Realise that someone out there too shares your pain
And many folk have been there will go there again

Never once feel youre selfish about any tears shed
Nor hiding any worry or fear alone in your head
If I were an Angel Id ease each one right through
Each motor neurone disease sufferer, yes I mean you

Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108
Pen name Christopher Robin

28th August 2011, 21:31
Thanks, PCR.

6th September 2011, 02:22
what a beautiful poem your so talented elle x

11th September 2011, 14:16
Elle and Mike, this young lady is a mother leaving behind her partner and the kids too, we can only imagine what she must daily be feeling, hence she told me that she cries when she's on her own and the words just poured out here..

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