View Full Version : Total immediate paralysis, any one heard of this with MND?

28th August 2011, 13:47
Hello again,

last Sunday I got out of the wife’s side of bed to use the loo (as she had already left for work) and I decided to check the time as I went about the bottom of the bed I fell onto the actual bed and I could not move any limb or get up or speak? It took me four attempts to lift my head

Next day I was talking with our local mnd development advisor, I mentioned this and she told me it can come on just like that, total paralysis, or it would otherwise be gradual.

I(n a way I wish I’d never found that out, and it worried me more so to think I would have lay on that bed paralysed (in just my underpants) for 9 hours while my wife was at work, I would not have even been able to call her on the phone, or for help when she had came in with her workmate

Its indeed a nasty disease

Crazy girl
28th August 2011, 18:56
Hi Poet,

My husband hasn't had this or have we been told of it but thought I'd just respond quickly to you to say have you got anything like Telecare -a 'panic button' service to help you if you fall when at home alone?

My husband had a fall last weekend and couldn't get up which prompted us into looking at it for when I'm out and he's alone.

We spoke to our OT about it after and she's arranging the service for us.

And yes, it is indeed a relentless, scary disease every day.


29th August 2011, 09:27
Never heard of this in my life, well not mnd related. I have heard of people laying in bed unable to get up due to sudden paralysis which last only a few minutes.

1st September 2011, 13:59
Thanks Crazy Girl, we've yet to get a panic button, have the paperwork here though, Jeannie, the Physio was reiterating what you said just yesterday, it can come on a last for minutes or an hour or more, seems ever case is indeed very different, its scary to heck for sure

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