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31st August 2011, 19:28
I have just spent a week in hospital with pancriatius. Doctor questioning link to riluzole.
Much better and still taking it.

Anyone any thoughts?

2nd September 2011, 15:24
oh crikey my husband John has had many hospital stays with pancreatitis but the link to riluzole has never been mentioned.He had his gallstones removed 7 weeks ago he had an endoscopy and they took them out via his throat and touch wood up to now he hasnt had another attack glad you are feeling better now and hope you dont suffer again xxIrene

2nd September 2011, 16:03
A few more cases

and listed as a sde affect

Cheers, Barry

3rd September 2011, 09:20
It really does make you wonder if riluzole is connected with pancreatitis.John has been having reacurring attacks now for over 12 years and each one gets worse.On two occasions we almost lost him but he fought through we were and still am hoping this last attack in june will be the last.We have always put it down to his gallstones x

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