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25th July 2016, 17:19
Thanks Calum for this as it's nice to have input on other tech:

iTracker Review
I've uploaded a video of how i control both my Macbook and iMac with a product called iTracker which only costs $35:


If you're interested in this product you can try it for free - see link below:


Does it slip and need refocusing often, how user friendly is it Calum?

It might well be a similar type of program to these:-

I have tried and occasionally used “Camera Mouse” for head control of my computer but I have been told that there is a much better one “Enable Viacam” :-

http://eviacam.sourceforge.net/index.php Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Linux

The great news is there’s free one for an android tablet’s too now:-


Love Terry

25th July 2016, 17:45
Hi Terry,

Many thanks for reposting in the tech section.

In terms of the iTracker slipping and needing refocusing - i find that i can keep control of the mouse for up to an hour without requiring any assistance to reset it for me. You do need to have pretty good head control to utilise it fully, I've been using it for 2 months now and it has strengthened up my neck muscles as a by product !!

The on screen keyboard which is built into all MacBooks and iMacs is very easy to use with iTracker. The software uses facial recognition technology and isn't overly impacted by lighting conditions, works fine with my various ventilation masks.

Previously i was using an Eyegaze with an Lenovo laptop.

All the best,


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