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29th July 2016, 11:00
I have read through the latest guidelines from N I CE and although I welcome anything that officially indicates best practice I have some concerns as to how effective this guideline can be.

A guideline is just that. I am assuming that there is no legal obligation to follow any part of this guide line. If this is so it would appear that it is a toothless tool and many parts of its contents have been seen as good practice in the past but have been totally ignored by those who should have our best interest at heart. What will change with these new guidelines. There is plenty of evidence on this forum of people who are clearly not receiving the best treatment which at best can only be described as inconsistent.I alone could write a book on it.

How do MNDA envisage these guidelines being Implemented? How will evidence be collected to ensure that patients do receive the recommended care, who will monitor this and will there be any auditing process?

In the event of breaches of these guidelines what would the next step be? Is it possible that those responsible could be accused of being neglectful in their duty of care and therefore be forced into delivering better care. If so by whom?

I am interested to know the reaction of MNDA to this document and hear in practical terms how they think it will improve the lives of those living with MND.

29th July 2016, 14:59
Hi Kernowcluck,

Please click here (http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?7389-NICE-quality-standard-on-MND) to see a response to your questions on the NICE quality standard.

Thank you.

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