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9th September 2016, 12:21
This question was posed in a different part of the Forum, so Charles, John & Barry, I hope you don't mind me copying your posts into the Mobility section of the Forum, as I think it's pertinent info for anyone seeking guidance...

I Barry:
I too am looking to acquire a WAV. I have mobility benefits. I have 2 questions you may know the answers to:
1. Do payments cease at 65?
2. If you have a WAV lease and turn 65 do the payments stop and thus the WAV lease.

I am trying to decide to lease from Motability or buy second-hand.



Hello Charles,

I might be able to help a bit here, if you qualify for the enhanced mobility allowance of Personal Independence Payment and it is paid to you before you reach your 65th birthday you will continue to receive it after you turn 65. If you apply after your 65th birthday you will not receive the mobility allowance and you will get the care element only.

As the payments continue after you turn 65 the WAV lease will continue, if you like you can apply to Motability after you are 65 subject the 12month rule below.

If you apply to Motabilty they will want you to have at least 12 months on your entitlement to PIP enhanced mobilty.

PIP assessments run for a fixed term and are then reviewed, I am not sure whether it might be possible to lose entitlement to the mobility element if the review happens when you are older than 65, I don't think so but you never know.


Thanks John for answering Charles's question. My own example is that I am 65 next May and my PIP is reviewed in November 2017. Like John says, who knows what the chancellor will decree.

My recommendation Charles is apply for the Motability vehicle because they won't take it from you within the lease period (normally 3 years). If your mobility allowance stops they may ask for a contribution. You get a new vehicle and you can specify extras (reversing camera is marvellous when you can't turn your head). It's taxed, insured and fully maintained. All you do is add fuel.


9th September 2016, 13:12
Thanks Ellie:
I shall scour the archive.
I am looking for a Lamborghini WAV. I am sure there are many knocking about.


9th September 2016, 13:23
I am looking for a Lamborghini WAV. I am sure there are many knocking about.


:D It'd have to be a convertible for the headroom...

9th September 2016, 13:35
Are you ever so subtly insinuating I might be "big-headed"?



9th September 2016, 16:45
Big brained Charles, not big headed...

Btw there is nothing subtle about me.

15th August 2017, 16:50
Hi, I'm looking for advice. We have a small C3 car and once the wheelchair is in the boot, it's full. Today I've been given a pushy walker thing and if we take both things out, space is very limited.
I've just been awarded PIP including the mobility part. Now I know my needs are changing. Do you commit to a certain mobility car for a certain number of years?
Our worry is, what if I need an electric wheelchair before the timespan was up and then I wouldn't be able to get into a car which suits my needs now.
Hope this makes sense.

15th August 2017, 17:37
Hi Bern,

I'm up in Whitley Bay visiting mum currently so not far from you in fact I passed through North Shields earlier today on the metro and if I were able to throw a stone I could probably have reached your house. Enough of the chat Barry and answer the question.

I thought like you when I got my Motability car a year ago and I was advised by the garage supplying the vehicle that if my needs changed then I could change it for a suitable car. Obviously there is an upfront charge to consider as you won't get that refunded. I am anticipating I will soon need a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) so I may be testing my own advice.

Let us know what decision you arrive at.

Best wishes,

15th August 2017, 17:44
Thanks Barry. Not far away at all. In fact, had you driven through the tunnel, you probably would have hit me!
I'll let you know what we do.

15th August 2017, 20:20
Hi Bern and Barry;

I think if you get a normal type car then it is for a minimum of 3 years and a WAV is for a Minimum of 5 years.

I believe that if your needs change then you can also change for a car that suites you. It will probably cost some extra money to change.

I would think that getting a WAV type vehicle first makes good sense as you can drive any scooter or wheelchair straight into the back of it.

I have choose to buy a second hand WAV.

Love Terry

15th August 2017, 21:08
Thanks Terry. I can see what you mean.

15th August 2017, 23:05
We have just changed our motability car for a WAV. We had to have a year left on the PIPs award to do that. You can also apply for a grant towards the cost of a vehicle but it is means tested. They were a bit picky about the vehicle they wanted us to have. You have to give measurements of the chair and measurements of eye height. It was to make sure you have the right type of vehicle for your needs. We didn't agree with them to begin with but in the end found something we were both happy with.

16th August 2017, 10:04
Thanks Sue.

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