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9th September 2011, 15:42
Raise awareness help support MND

They fund raise roughly 1.6 million, by public appeal
To combat motor neurone disease, yes this is unreal
Thereís been no cure in 130 years they also say
Itís a hard one to fathom just as I here now relay

I donít give a damn or a single care for myself
But I do for all the numerous folk left on the shelf
There is no cure for this there is none at all
Hence the good reason to appeal to big and small

It takes many folk too before they even grow old
This disease cannot be caught or passed like a cold
It causes them slurred speech loss of mobility
Brings pain to numerous families with its disability

It eats away at any sufferers main bodily nerves
Creating much pain and havoc that no one deserves
People usually end up unable to move or even walk
It even takes their speech preventing them to talk

It leaves bodies crippled yet does not affect eyes
Nor ears it seems nor our brains that are truly wise
It puts us in a wheel chair leaves frustrations behind
With no way to communicate itís truly most unkind

It needs public awareness as much as does cancer
A way to make research even but just an enhancer
Motor Neurone Disease is crippling serious and bad
With just 1.6 million a year funding itís also very sad

Will you help fund Motor Neurone Disease Association
With any donation and receive untold appreciation
They have a web site theyíre quite easy to find too
Help fight research this today before it is maybe you?

Pen name Christopher Robin
Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108

Charitable thoughts

I want to try and type out, yes as much as I can
While Iím still yet so much an able bodied man
Even if I type with this one sole solitary finger
I want type thoughts that might maybe linger

I want to try and say so, so very much
Countless global people, yes I want to touch
Not for myself and this is quite sincere
But for all those whoíll follow in my journey here

We sit and we spend cash and waste it each day
We see greedy chairman too make billions I relay
Not a one of these folk ever stop and give a thought
To any one suffering quite sadly its read as taught

There are but only a small few who ever really care
Giving to charity helping to ease global despair
Many folk assume that the cripple could never be them
They donít give a damn and man never will again

They never know that normal people, folk like myself
End up with crippling disease get left on the shelf
Just hope that itís never you left trying to express
That any day any time you could be crippled in distress

It seems there is no cure for myself and sadly others
I pray that it never falls on your family or mothers
Sadly its taking children mothers Fathers and more
Without any warning, thereís no knock on the door

Motor Neurone Disease, yes it wastes folk away
Iím not asking for charity, because its myself I relay
Iím asking for those who follow me many others
You very own children brothers sisters fathers, mothers

Pen name Christopher Robin
Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108

Disability and Motor Neurone Disease

Yes Iím destined as it seems to maybe write
About these suffering folk, their saddest plight
Help their campaign to really try and fight
In the hope that theyíll in time, put things right

Many of the folk die when they are not old
Leaving family and children left out in the cold
Wives and Husbands taken as sad as it seems
Without any possible further hope or dreams

They live life as normally as they possibly can
Be this a quite healthy fine woman or man
Then along comes a life crippling disease
Robs each single one of their body, all ease

Five per cent catch this from parents its said
Ninety five per cent simply catch it as read
The fitter folk it seems it normally attacks
Like sportsmen and footballers in its grip it packs

One hundred and thirty years on without cure
It cripples, steals numerous lives, yes this is sure
It takes a healthy person leaves them a mess
Ripping their life apart creating serious distress

It can leave any one disabled and in much pain
Without hope of ever being normal yet again
It does not take your brain your hearing or sight
Robs all your energy and takes your will to fight

There are countless really sad stories too
You need to pray that this never gets you
It has me currently held tight in its grip
Every day its willing my body to fall or slip

Itís sad and painful, that after so many year
There is still no form of cure for this as it were
Its sole ending is to finally take away life
Leaving family friends suffering in strife

They publicise cancer widely it seems
Yet MND sufferers only have dreams
Dreams that someone maybe like you
Will help and support them yes it is true

Countless folk and their families need hope
Theyíre drowning and badly need a life rope
It could be someone you know, one or another
Your own Son Daughter Father or maybe Mother

Motor Neurone Disease every little appreciated
People supporting this cause are indeed first rated
Look them up Motor Neurone Disease association
You will receive in return untold folks appreciation

Pen name Christopher Robin
Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108

10th September 2011, 19:22
hi CR just read your poems your such a remakable poet such a talent really enjoy reading them "excellent":)

11th September 2011, 13:58
We're all gonig through this Elle, well most of us are, thats the idea in writing these, to help others understand this disease and support the association and research

11th September 2011, 14:11
Brilliant, you certainly have a way with words ;-)

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