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20th October 2016, 13:20
Hi, I live in Pakistan. My cousin was told by doctors that he had MND. There is no awareness in Pakistan about this disease. The condition of my cousin is worsening day by day. He has no income to handle his sufferings. Searching the website, i found ur email. Please help him reduce his sufferings. I know there is no cure, but can his sufferrings be reduced. Thanks

20th October 2016, 14:31
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your inquiry which we have also received by email to the helpline. We will respond by email to your email address.

Kind regards

Senior MND Connect Advisor

20th October 2016, 20:30
Hi Wawo and welcome to the forum;

I have a friend who's mum had Mnd in Pakistan. I will try and contact her and hopefully she might be able to help a little.

If You have any questions, we will try to advise you.

Best wishes, Terry

21st October 2016, 20:35
Hi Wawo;

My friend emailed me saying:-

I can't seem to be able to log into MND website. It says I have an
account which I do but it has yet to send me my password.

My main advice to this person in Pakistan would be to:
> get the feeding tube fitted ASAP. The doctors who treated my mum did not do that and waited until she was not able to eat by herself and she had gone so weak that it was decided by the doctors that it would be too much for her to go through an operation. So they should get the feeding tube whilst their cousin can handle the procedure.

They should try and invest in as many things they can to make things
easier for this person. Start thinking about help, like who would help
feed/bathe and clothe the cousin.

And really try and be there for them as much as possible. Help them
and make sure they are loved and do not get depressed so easily.
Living arrangements may need to be changed. Perhaps it would be time
to start thinking about where they would live when they are not able
to handle it.

The person who posted should also read up as much as possible on this
horrible disease so they can understand the symptoms and changes.
If I think of more things I will send an email over.

MND Connect helpline