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11th September 2011, 14:23
Last Dying wishes

God grant me the wisdom here as I pray
To show mankind that he has lost his way
To inspire a heart that is maybe down
To grant someone hope if wearing a frown

God grant me an angel’s insight and wings
Helping me get across the message this brings
Grant me the radiance of sunset and hue
To shine a light lord and help man through

Let all mankind know they must be kind
To family friends others the poor and blind
For no one knows when their last final day
Is sure to visit and take each person away

Grant me the light of a Rainbow dear God
To give man hope in the path that he trod
Give me the multitude Lord so I may speak
Feeding all the hungry, no matter how weak

Give me the tide lord to reach all mankind
To see if there is any love at all left to find
Grant me the wisdom to teach about war
That its consequence is man will be no more

Help me dear God to bring all religion together
So mankind may smile as bright as the weather
Grant me all this Lord it’s my last dying prayer
That man may have hope show mercy and care

It’s said with anguish God and not with any ease
As my life slips by from motor neurone disease
Lord I pray to you though my eyes are crying
Amid the pain and knowledge that I am dying

If death takes me away before I see this through
Grant me be an Angel Dear God please will you
For even as I take my very last and final breath
I know that it is not the end by no means is death

Pen name Christopher Robin
Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108

Why do folk die sooner than expected?

In my eyes were the tears indeed that I was crying
Amid as asking God why it was that I was now dying
Crying those tears bitterly but yet not for myself
But for my family partner soon left all by them self

Why does God allow us some folk that will marry?
To also fall in love have children and yet tarry
When it’s said he knows their future every day
It’s all mapped out and planned in every way

If he knew folk were dying before they’d lived life
Without marriage and love there’d be less strife
Less strife for each partner family and kids it seems
Instead of seeing all hopes dashed as their dreams

No one knows it seems why the grieving mother
No one even knows why that war takes any other
If they did they’d answer why a grieving wife will cry
Or a Husband will shrug his shoulders and heave a sigh

Death is something in the world no one understands
Everyone will ever ask why as they wring their hands
Why someone was taken before they’d lived life through
Every person knows someone be it friend or family too

I dearly wish I had the answer to help you grieving mother
As every person in the world grieving for some other
But for now amid the central years of my very own life
God has decided he wants me gone, left my family strife

If I could I would tell you, tell one and all across the world
I’d be back as an Angel with wings beautifully unfurled
Yet God in his infinite Wisdom will one day tell us all
Why each person was taken soon why our tears did fall

I know this does not help anyone immediately understand
Though the one’s they’ve lost reach out from heaven their hand
But in my last and final days of life I pray you find the way
To know and believe as I do, you’ll see them again one day

Pen name Christopher Robin
Copyright Registration TXu 1-598-108

11th September 2011, 14:36
Thank you

11th September 2011, 16:17
once again two remarkable poems,CR they are so meaningfull. x:)

14th September 2011, 01:18
You're both welcome I added them onto youtube, but sadly my speech may be to slurred now?

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