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11th September 2011, 20:47
Hi All,

Does anyone have the AGM minutes?

Best wishes


Robyn Copley-Hirst
14th September 2011, 11:37
Hi Graham,

I've had a chat with the member of staff who was busy taking the minutes all day on her laptop.

The minutes need to be approved internally (by the Chair and Chief Exec), they will then be available in their draft form and will be put onto the website. It is to be stressed, though, that they are draft minutes until they have approval at the AGM next year. The official part of the AGM is minuted formally, but the Q & A session is just ‘noted’, that is to say that it will be a summary of the discussions rather than a verbatim report of who said what.

They'll be up on the website as soon as they've been approved and if you haven't already found them I'll pop the link here for you.

I hope this info means you can at least stop searching for them until they can be found :)

Best Regards,


16th September 2011, 21:39
Hi Robyn,

Thank you.

Best wishes


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