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8th November 2016, 23:48
I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking such things. My partner has had a problem with his ankle for over a year now when he has been in his feet for a long period of time his ankle becomes very painful on the outside and down the side towards his toes. It gets so bad he struggles to walk and it can become stiff also he has recently said it feels like it's giving way. I am petrified that it could be a sign of mnd. He has had blood tests that have ruled out gout etc. Am I just being paranoid


9th November 2016, 00:28
Hi there could be so many causes for his problems, it's best that he keeps working with the doctors to find the cause.
I hope you find it reassuring that my symptoms started very differently. I did not have any pain or any feeling of anything being wrong when my symptoms started, and my problems began in my foot. Others noticed I had a slight limp, I had not noticed myself! The first thing I noticed was an inability to go on tiptoe on that foot, but my foot felt normal.

I hope the doctors find a solution for your partner soon.

Best wishes

9th November 2016, 08:28
He's been referred for physio so hoping this might help. It's been going on for at least a year now. I work with clients with mnd so I think I'm more paranoid than anything else. He is fine when he is not at work his foot isn't sore or anything. There isn't any other symptoms to be honest and he does have days when there's no pain. Thank you for replying quite quickly.

9th November 2016, 09:55
Hi Blubby and welcome to the forum;

I am pleased to say that I think that you are being paranoid. I've not heard of Mnd starting quite like that and unless he has any other symptoms or a long family history of Mnd I would pretty much rule it out.

Best wishes, Terry

9th November 2016, 12:21
Thank you terry. I think it's just me being paranoid with me working around it alot. How does it normally start for people in general

9th November 2016, 12:23
Hi Blubby,

To echo what Terry and Wendy say there could be many reasons for the pain in the ankle that your partner is experiencing. However, from what you describe this is not typical of MND. In your second post you mention that 'he is fine when not at work', this in itself is not the case for MND. If somebody does have weakness then due to the nature of the disease symptoms get worse over time, they do not have days when they are not there.

It is good that his GP has made a referral to see a physio and I hope that they are to help provide exercises and stretches to help with this.

I do hope that the doctors are able to get to the bottom of what is causing this pain. If you do feel as though his symptoms do change or get worse please do encourage him to go back to his GP.

Best Wishes,


9th November 2016, 12:58
There's no normal way but there are some ways that show up some problems Blubby;

Also it progresses in certain ways and as Adele says, it rarely goes away. Some people have half a 8 symptoms of Mnd and have something very different.

Love Terry

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