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14th September 2011, 17:59
Thought this would be a good thread to get your rants, anger or general moans out.

I will start with my trip to hospice today. As I passed though a well known council estate near the centre were quite regular, if their is a slight bit of sun, I see a large number of youngish people sat on deck chairs on their fronts supping cans of super strength larger, kids running round all over place and obviously don't work for whatever reason, I look up and see about 6 houses all with solar panels on roof! Now these are not cheap, how do they get them? My dad said they get grants, so let me get this right, they don't work, have a dozen kids running round with nintendo dsi's and iPhones, while the dads sit in front room watching jeremy Kyle on their 60 inch plasma tv, supping super strength larger and counting the cash they are saving from solar panels, the mrs is on front in deck chair, again with a can of super, with her friend from next door (you can just see them if you look close between the brand new 4x4 and the caravan) looking through the holiday brochure for their next all inclusive holiday to benidorm! All this for doing sod all.

Wow were did I go wrong? I can't even get the council stick a friggin ramp at my back door so I can get out for a can of super!!

Rant over.

14th September 2011, 18:11
I know exactly what you mean Chris, I have got absolutely nothing from the state - apart from a wheelchair that might turn up in two months, I can't get a disabled living housing grant to fund my extension, can't even get employment support allowance - when I asked I said I just want my national insurance contributions paid in the unlikely event that I will live to and 65 - bearing in mind I have been a higher rate taxpayer for 27 years - I think of probably paying enough tax to cover this - but no my pension is too great.......

Oh yes - solar panels - I've got them - there is no grant, they are VAT rated at 5%, I expect they have signed up for one of these went you your roof schemes, the company is basically fit the panels for nothing, they take the money from the feed in tariff, which is currently 43.3p/kwh and all is you get is a slight saving on your electric bill. I invested some of my lump sum when I was retired off, to pay for mine by the way!!!

Have a look here if you're interested - http://www.jaded-john.net/solar-pv-info.html

Sorry to side track your thread Chris:D


14th September 2011, 18:26
Hi Chris

If I start ranting here, I'll never stop! I usually have a rant on Twitter because I can't use more than 140 characters.

My rant for today is about care. I've been emailing agencies the whole week and most charge more per hour than the government give me. How can that be right?

Rant over, but I'm sure I'll be back!


14th September 2011, 18:42
Sarah, that sounds about right for the way things are done here! I dread to think what we will have to pay to get outside help. Your free to rant away here ;) I will no doubt be here regular lol

John, however they get them it's still annoying to see.

14th September 2011, 19:09
The simple answer is if they havent payed into national insurance they shouldnt be able to claim!
You would think being fit and healthy they would just get on with their lives.
But if youve got kids and piss it up the wall you can claim for everything...................................
Good this ranting.

14th September 2011, 22:01
The days are long,
the nights are longer,
wish my sleeping tabs were stronger.

legs are weak
hands are shot
useless hands can't wipe my snot

to have a wee
doth take an hour
easier to pee in the shower

I've got a pension
I get no help
does no good to give em chelp

loved to drive
it took me far
gee I miss my beemer car

my little rant ;-)

Robyn Copley-Hirst
15th September 2011, 10:41
It looks like spending time with Poet Christopher Robin is rubbing off on you, Adie! :)


20th October 2011, 12:30
After reading your rants, you have got me up on my orange box. I came from a family of 10 children, my eldest brother died with a brain tumour, but the rest of my brothers and sisters are all still alive. Our father was a farm worker and we children and parents lived in a farm cottage with an old Belle range fire place. Two rooms down stairs and three rooms upstairs. No heating, no carpets, no hot water, no bath, only the tin one hanging on the wall, and no toilet only a bucket in a shed down the garden. We had to go to work with the ole man on the farm from the age of five. Our father worked in the hop gardens piece work, so the harder we worked the more money he could spend up the pub.

When i left school at fifteen my arse was hanging out my trousers. I was not allowed an apprentice job, i had to find a job and contribute to the family purse, my mother took half of all we earned. All my brothers and sisters all own their own homes by getting out there and working in the evenings and weekends as i did. I learned my trade by paying for it. I married a lovely girl who now cares for me. We saved a nice nest egg for our retirement, and we did not smoke or piss our money up the wall.

Since i got this 'orrible' disease seven years ago, we lived on only 70 a week sick pay for two years drawing on our life savings to pay the bills. I never had time off sick so we knew nothing about claiming benefit. Now my wife and i have paid out of our life savings 33,000 to have a bedroom converted to a wetroom, new wide doorways and new concrete paths to enable me to get out and about. Now we have less than five grand left. If my wife and i had pissed our money up the wall and smoked the social services would have paid. The only thing the social services have done is bought me a power chair, and that is the thanks you get after a lifetime of paying your taxes and NH stamp.

I feel better now i have had a rant.

20th October 2011, 22:36
Well said Frosty, you are so RIGHT the system stinks x elle x :mad::mad::mad:

20th October 2011, 23:02
I second that Frosty

21st October 2011, 10:41
Here Here Derek and to think that some people think that folks such as your good self should have to pay :rolleyes:

21st October 2011, 13:02
I keep saying i should not rant, but then you see something that makes you rant. My nieghbour has altziemers and has a full time carer which they pay for, and when they go anywhere her daughters take her. They cannot have the patiant transport. Our nieghbours the other side of us are 90 yrs old and last week he the husband had to call the ambulance in the early hours of the morning, his wife had fallen over and banged her head and fractured her hip. The ambulance took her to the local hospital and told her 90 yr old husband he would have to follow in his car as they were not allowed to let him travel with them.

I am confined to a wheelchair and cannot have patient transport to the local hospital or the hospice, and i have not been offered any respite in the six years i have had mnd. What has just wound me up is, opposite to us are houses and the couple right opposite have just gone off this morning in the patient transport. Her husband has dementia, but can still hold a conversation, they are fit he can use his feet and hands and they do not have to load up with a wheel chair. They go out for walks, they go out nearly every day for lunch in their car, neither of them use a walking stick. Her husband has a couple of weeks in respite in the last three months. How and why do some people get more help with transport than others who need it.

Yes Bexhill is known as Gods Waiting room.

21st October 2011, 13:11
Hi Frosty, I dont understand why you are not able to use your local ambulance service! Try contacting your GP for a referal to your local ambulance service or get whichever hospital you have the appointment at to arrange it. Try contacting MNDA about a local hospice for respite care.
Regards Mark

21st October 2011, 13:16
Thank you Batty i will do just that. I am new on this forum this week, but i love it, the info is really helpful from every one. I don't feel so alone now i've joined.

21st October 2011, 14:43

I looked in to your rants and the main reason why they made you pay

is because if you have savings sadly they will make you pay for nearly everything.

i know its not fair as it was your savings you worked for but with all the people who don't need finance exploit the system.

there are many with lots of money saved up who could buy things themselves, but would rather take it from the government leaving people like yourself having to finance it all, very sad situation but its happening :(

I do hope that your hospital gives you transport as others get this service no matter where they live.

21st October 2011, 17:15
How I agree with the hospital transport issue. My husband was under Bart's in London and we live in Hertfordshire. There was no way he could use public transport and he got to the stage where he couldn't get out of our car. Bart's arranged for a cab which would take wheelchairs to pick him up for his frequent appointments but I had to go by public transport as they said I wouldn't have been insured, this meant it was a race to get there before him and more so coming back - if the cab had got home before me my husband would not have been able to get back into the house, our hall is too small for a wheelchair so he needed a lot of help to get him into a chair. It caused me so much stress, if I got held up at all I got into a complete panic. Like a lot of people we never claimed anything from the State, my husband used to work 15 hour night shifts as a security guard to enable us to buy a small house.

21st October 2011, 17:51
Don't like to rant but I am totally with you on this one, we applied for a grant to build a small extension for a wet room. We live in an old Town House, we have one Bathroom up stairs. At present my husband has the use of his legs,he has Flail Arm MND. At some point this will affect his legs, so we wanted to prepare for that. We have been told that we have to pay the 36000. If we had that, I wouldn't have applied for the grant in the first place. I cant help but feel bitter when you see what some people can claim for, my husband like many people has worked hard all his life, paid his tax, and NI. I get so cross.

21st October 2011, 19:19
I'd like to add to this thread. When my husband was 1st diagnosed we were both working so they said we couldn't have any help with adaptations because we 'would be able to borrow the money from the building society' to have this done. What rubbish, we explained that as my husband was going to have to take early retirement and I would have to give up work to care for him, how did they think we would be able to repay this. It fell on deaf ears. Therefore when he took early retirment at the age of 52 and he had his pension we had to use that to fund the house adaptations. They gave us some money towards the wet room (eventually) but not nearly as much as the whole thing cost us. Of course this means that all the money for our 'retirement' has now gone. One of the worse things that happened was when I was trying in vain to get some help, albeit in the early stages of the disease, but knowing what was happening, I rang to ask about grants for disabled facilities to be told by the young woman on the phone that 'in a few months time my husband might be better'. I rest my case.

21st October 2011, 19:22
Hi John,

Darren seems to think that you are being robbed with an estimate of 70k...our friend just had a massive double storey extension with 3 bedrooms including fittings etc..for 60K


here here Louise my extensions estimated to cost 70k :eek: - and like you im having to cough up myself



21st October 2011, 23:49
My rant today is that after spending most of my day with a sour faced carer (I have no idea why) I thought this forum will cheer me up! Then I just see sour comments on here :(

I've decided not to post on threads after people have had a rant (apart from here). I stopped posting on another forum because it was a mare. I hope that this forum won't go the same way because I like it here :)

Have a good weekend everyone!


22nd October 2011, 10:26
I like to have a rant now and then. Otherwise I would just bottle it or give my lovely wife an ear ache, and she certainly don't deserve that. Having a rant on here allows others to let off steam. When you cannot speak where else can you let off steam.Generally i am a happy ole git. I and my wife have been running Ballroom and Sequence Dances for the last 12 years in aid of the local hospice, and we have another one on November the 10th. I cannot hold cds or speak into a microphone, my wife does all the talking, and i use my laptop with all the dance music that i have downloaded on it. I do get a huge amout of support from the dancers and that keeps me happy. So having a rant now and then does you good.
Frosty Derek.

22nd October 2011, 18:28
When I saw this new thread I thought Whoopee, a chance to unload some gripes but after reading through the posts and seeing what some of you have to put up with my rant seemed very unimportant so I did not bother.

Now I have a rant you will all agree with. How has the UK become one of the most unfair places on earth in which to live?

We, the people, must have allowed it to get this way because we are supposed to be living in a democracy. Democracy is generally defined as a form of government in which all the people have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Right? Every few years this country switches direction from going North to going South and then back again as the people wake up and chuck out the gang in charge. One lot reckon we are just a great big corporation, UK plc, and run the country like a big business. The other lot are into social engineering and idealogical solutions and being very tribal they seldom agree among themselves. This lot bring in legislation by stealth, while we are looking the other way.

Meanwhile, most of the population is so concerned with football, soaps, pop gossip, Facebook, thier image, clothes, street cred etc that they never read the news pages in the paper or listen to the news on radio or TV. As a nation we are apathetic to whats they are doing to our country. The turnout at elections shows how bad it is. Next month some of the best paid and protected workers are planning to bring the country to its knees with a general strike. They will achieve nothing except to cause a lot of hatred and cost the country dear. They could make thier disatisfaction known by a massive petition, but the bully boys who lead them to strike have revolution in mind, not solution. A town council has wasted 22 million proving a point at Dale farm. The citizens of that borough should have stormed the town hall and told the leaders you can't waste our money like that, but no one has made a squeak. The council turned that site into brown field ten years ago when the concreted over the scrap yard that was there before and try to claim it is a green field site. Everywhere you look thre are crazy things like this happening and no one does a thing. Don't get me going on the unfair benefit system, which has been so badly screwed up by social engineering that it is unfit for purpose. Do any other European countries penalise citizens who have worked all thier lives, never been a drain on the public purse and have provided thier own housing while rewarding the profligate who have never worked or anyone else who cares to turn up here with thier hand out (providing they are not Brits). There are many very legitimate reasons why some have to rely on the benefit system, which is why we have the system so we need to be carefull before pointing the finger. As a nation we are incredibly nosy. We should be watching our goverments and town councils, not our neighbours.

Ahh! that feels a lot better. Good stuff, this ranting.


22nd October 2011, 18:38
Hey Computatec- you've got my vote!

23rd October 2011, 00:16
Hi Computatec
You have my vote too.

23rd October 2011, 09:45
Hi Computatec, Yo got my vote as well, it's good to let off steam 'enn it'. I could join you on your orange box with more issue's like immigration and the EU, but i will save it until i've built up a bit more pressure.


Barefoot John
23rd October 2011, 12:22

Maybe its best to keep quiet about your immigration opinions!!!!!

There are many people of all races who use this forum from all nations living in the UK and Europe


23rd October 2011, 19:03
Hi John

We cant do anything, nor should we want to, about the folk of all races who are already here. Our governments have let them in and now thay have rights like the rest of us, so we have no right to get angry with them.

Any anger should be directed at the polititions who let them in. What were they doing? What was their purpose? How do we close the door and carefully control who comes in and who is allowed to stay in the future? Time to wake up and hold our polititions to account.


23rd October 2011, 19:46
Hi Chris,

I just started a new thread asking for help and suggestions. We retired to Spain 8 years ago, nice house, pool, views of mountains, the sea and great fresh food. Then just to knacker a fairly idyllic life, family coming out, 3 course menus for 9 euros etc, etc, I am diagnosed with ALS!

Well, housing market wrecked, we will have to sell so cheaply a retirement flat is about all we will be able to afford.

We have to move back to the UK no help here Spanish National Health system dramatically under funded. I saw a neurologist in May to see if I can get a prescription for Rilutek and am told I must have an up-to-date EMG, still waiting for the call. Rilutek bought on a private prescription is 327 euros so we must move back.

So I sympathise with your "rant", I wonder what befalls us on our eventual return.

My rant over



25th October 2011, 11:49
I have just been told off about my ranting, so now i will keep my opinions to myself and just look at this forum now and then.


25th October 2011, 15:40
Umm I don't see any reason as to why you would be told off?

I have just been told off about my ranting, so now i will keep my opinions to myself and just look at this forum now and then.


26th October 2011, 17:49
I just want to apologise to anyone who was affended by my rants. I am sorry that i affended you but i was only telling it from my point of view, it was not aimed at anyone no matter what their situation. You will NOT hear another rant from me.

Cherio and i wish you all the best, Frosty.

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