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15th September 2011, 14:14
I was just browsing what is new one here a minute ago, and just thought I would have a look at who's online - there were 172 guests and five members!

I wonder who is reading all our posts anonymously!


Robyn Copley-Hirst
15th September 2011, 15:22
Hi John,

We have more people who visit us time and time again each month, to read the information and advice that you all place here, than are registered. Some people are searching for information but maybe don't feel they want to join in, or can join in just yet.

There will also be multiple guests and a few spiders, which look at what info we have here and enable search engines to point people in the right direction. It's something I watch and have put measures in place to keep profile info private from guests etc.

We are seeing a rise in registrations, so it looks as though some of the people who return over and over as guests are feeling a little more confident in joining up and joining in.

Most popular forums have similar patterns, right this minute there are:

alsforums.com - 23 members and 388 guests
ALS TDI - 5 members, 46 guests
and on ours - 8 members and 183 guests

The pattern is pretty similar.

Hope that helps,


15th September 2011, 21:56
I look a couple of times a night, but only log in when i am replying to a thread, if i am only reading then i wouuld show as a guest and not a member (even though i am a member).

Z3 Driver
16th September 2011, 12:27
on other forums i go on, i get automatically logged in when i open the site, for some reason this one doesn't even though i have clicked the 'remember me' . so same as Luce i only log in to reply.

16th September 2011, 21:02
I read through quite a bit without actually signing on, but I agree with John. Some people are talking about some quite sensitive stuff which maybe O.K shared with other sufferers but not to be shared with any old joe peeking in.

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