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15th September 2011, 18:01
My eyesight has started to deteriorate in the last month. I am now having double vision and increasingly poor sight to the extent that I'm having difficulty typing this. Does anyone else have this problem?


15th September 2011, 18:23
Hi Anne,

Sorry to hear of your recent eye problems. I personally do not have sight problems and have never heard of it in ALS? Do you have any other symptoms such as headaches? Were you tested for MS when dxed?

I'd advise you to seek medical advice from GP.

20th September 2011, 08:54
Hi Anne
I had double vision before my MND diagnosis.
Also my eyes drooped - classic symptoms of Myasthemia Gravis (yet another rare neurological condition).
I have both and I am told the combination is rare.
MG is treatable and after some steroids my eyes got better.

Hope this helps

20th September 2011, 10:41
Hi Anne.
I have noticed that I can only read with my right eye.(Which my family think is highly ammusing. they think I look like Scrooge.) I have had a check on my eyes recently, and there seems to be nothing wrong with my left eye. whether its getting old or a feature of MND I have yet to find out. regerds Norman

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