View Full Version : Has anyone been invited to a do with princess royal in Oxford?

15th September 2011, 21:01
I had a letter today from Dr Kirstine Knox, inviting Sharon/I to a lecture and reception to be attended by princess royal to mark the appointment of prof Kevin Talbot as the chair of of motor neurone biology at Oxford university.

I'm not sure why, but has anyone else got an invite?


15th September 2011, 21:40
we are not worthy ;-). Seriously, hope you have a fab time, it's a nice gesture :-)

15th September 2011, 21:45
;)Thanks Adie, I reckon all the people who go to john Radcliffe hospital will be invited.

It's on nov 1st, I will have go see if I can still fit in my suit, that's th one I got married in, and go to funerals in :o


15th September 2011, 23:23
Hi John

That's great. I met the Princess Royal at the MNDA anniversary last year. She's lovely, even touched my hand! Have a wonderful time - you deserve it for all your hard work.


15th September 2011, 23:46
No not me either, keep us informed John :)

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