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16th September 2011, 21:51
I had the OT out today, here's what we agreed on...... The info might be of some use to others


Following my visit this morning, just wanted to confirm what we had agreed:
(1)** I will look into obtaining a Mangar Elk lifting cushion for your family to assist you if you were to fall see link for details: http://mangarinternational.co.uk/product/MPCA070200/elk-emergency-lifting-cushion *I will contact you with an appointment date soon.
(2)** I have ordered a riser/recliner chair for loan and this will be delivered by Medequip next Friday they will confirm the date by phone.
(3)** I will refer you to Oxford Centre for Enablement to assess you for mobile arm supports and give advice on clothing adaptations I have e-mailed Heather to find out if they need a new referral or can just see you again & will await her response.
(4)** You will speak to your GP regarding a possible referral to the hospice services, including the Sunflower Centre and community palliative care nurses.
(5)** We discussed your planned extension, including ideas such as Closomat wash/dry toilet, full-length body dryers etc. and also door openers. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you want further advice around this, I am very happy to contribute. As agreed, the recommended ideal sizes are: wheelchair user with up to 2 carers double bedroom 3900mm x 4100mm with 360 degree turning space, wet room 2100mm x 2700mm. 360 degree turning circle for wheelchair is generally 1700mm for someone of your height. These sizes are for guidance only and depend on layout I am very happy to look at plans with you if you think this would be useful.
(6)** I have given you lots of information leaflets and information about what equipment and assistance/support we can provide including support for Sharon. Please do not hesitate to use me as the first point of contact for any equipment questions. As advised, here is a link to a good hoist website & Im sure YouTube also has some information: http://www.joerns.co.uk/ As advised, we can provide a very large range of equipment on free loan, so please always ask me first.
Hope the above is useful & good to see you again,

18th September 2011, 16:59
By looks of it your OT is far far better than mine!

18th September 2011, 17:34
Hi John.
Well done for getting such an itemized statement, you're a better man than me.!!!
I recenty moved into the local town,into a converted & refurbished bungelow, it was my intention to have a wet room and ramps etc to help access.My OT came and did a long assesment on me, that resulted in me getting very little, certainly no wet room , there were no funds & I had savings. the OT on learning my intent to have a wet room made many surgestions and reffered to the Greenwich Council booklet on how to build a wet room. I and my builder decided that I didn't want the replicer of a NHS wet room, and after all I was paying the bill, so we went ahead with a room of glass & chrome, with wide sinks you can get a chair under etc, The result of the story , is that the local OT,s bring people around to show what can be done. At that time I asked for a entry- phone & door release, I was informed that the government wanted to make disabled people more secure, that was on the 3rd Dec 2010, it has just been fitted!!

18th September 2011, 17:40
Sounds good to me, John, I'm glad that you have a supportive OT ;-) xx

Mike J
18th September 2011, 17:56
Hi John
Ask your OT about the mango camel, it's the same as the elk but has a back rest so that it rises you to the sitting position. The trouble with the elk is you have to be lifted to the sitting position before you can be lifted. I have had the camel for about 18 months and it has been used many times to get me up off the floor safely. I am also tall so the alternative would have been to call the paramedics.
I also highly recommend the mobile arm support from Oxford, I have been using it successfully for over a year now, I cannot lift my arms now but am still able to use it to feed myself (just about!)
Good luck

18th September 2011, 18:06
Thanks Mike

Regarding the Oxford mobile arm support- does it support your hand? She said it did ? Only on my left hand which is the worse one, I cannot even support the weight of my hand, the wrist has completely gone.


18th September 2011, 18:13
Hi Norman

Can you please post details of the entry phone and door release as we desperately need one.

Mike J
18th September 2011, 18:28
Hi John
I have only used the arm support on my strongest arm. I have a bar fixed to the trough that extends up to the hand and supports it just above the wrist, I have enough grip to hold a special fork so I can stab pieces of food and then lift them to my mouth. I also have another trough with an extension piece that has a spoon fixed to the end so I can spoon up the food that cannot be stabbed. It works really well without it I would not be able to feed myself now.


18th September 2011, 18:51
Many thanks Mike, that sounds just the ticket, tbo not being able to feed myself is the thing I'm most worried about - in the short term anyway


19th September 2011, 14:17
HI Computatec
It has taken so long for social services to install, Iv'e thrown the brochure away, but it has a single button entry internal phone has a Logisty,logo, it works on radio waves, and when you press the entry button , part of the door release falls away , allowing the door to open.
sorry I cannot be more helpful . Norman

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