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Mike J
17th September 2011, 15:16
I enjoy using the Kindle but I am now having problems pressing the button to turn the pages. I have discovered a plug in Kindle switch on line made by a company called Quality Enabling Devices. It looks really good but costs a ridiculous 289 ex VAT. I am tempted to just go for it but am worried that it might not work very well. Has anyone tried one or seen one?


17th September 2011, 18:13
Hi Mike
I tried a kindle recently, I know it's cheaper to buy online from Amazon but it's nice to try one in your hands, I personally found the contrast wasn't very good, I like the idea of having all those books available, but doe's it compete with a visit & rumidage at your local library.

Regards Norman

17th September 2011, 18:40
Hi Mike
Just a thought, do you have an OT as they can contact IT techknowledgey support and maybe they could sort that for you, they have just done quite a bit for Mick only yesterday as he was struggling with sky+ controls, hi fi, DVD answering the phone / door and our electric bed and they have solved them all for us,so worth getting them around to see before spending out, think they have them allover the country Just ask your OT.
Hope that helps. Ang

17th September 2011, 22:47
Hi Mike

Did you know that you can download Kindle for pc for free? That's how I read books because I can't hold a Kindle.

Try RSL Steeper (http://www.rslsteeper.com/assistive-technology/). They might know about a switch for the Kindle.

Best wishes


Mike J
18th September 2011, 17:38
Dear Norman Ang Sarah

thanks for your comments. I am also having problems with sky controls electric bed, front door, phone so have been thinking should contact my OT regarding environmental controls soon, had not thought about using it for the Kindle so thanks for the tip. I was aware you can download Kindle for PC but did not want to explore that option just yet as I prefer to use the Kindle away from my laptop at the moment and it is a lot easier to transport. Have just tried RSL steeper could not find anything about Kindle switched but looks like a useful website.


21st December 2011, 00:26

just wondering has anyone used environmental controls with the kindle or the origin switch?
my mum fancies a kindle as books are very difficult to hold now, however we fear that the kindle is inaccessible.

if anyone has a kindle please let us know if it is infrared- as perhpas it will work with environmental controls.
my mum doesn't use a computer so the kindle for PC would be no good
all the best

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