View Full Version : Benefits if. I have to leave work.

13th April 2017, 19:52
I am currently working 18 hours. I'm finding it tough going but I enjoy my job. I know I will have to give up at some point. I just wonder how much I will be able to claim if out of work?

alfies mum
13th April 2017, 20:32
Hi Pinkelle.
PIP is payable if you are 64 or under.Not means tested and tax free.That is the benefit I get x

13th April 2017, 20:49
Thankyou. It's such a worry as we still have a mortgage to pay. We took put a critical illness insurance but are fighting it. Don't hold out much hope as motor neuron is not on their list!

13th April 2017, 21:09
Hi pinkelle

As well as PiP if you have been working and paying nat ins contributions you may also be eligible for ESA it's worth checking out.

Apply for pip as soon as possible it takes ages but they will back date it for you from the date of application.

Good luck



13th April 2017, 21:18
I am receiving pip. The lower rate. That has really helped as I have had to reduce my hours as was finding it too tiring. I will see about esa . Not ready to throw the towel in yet but I need to find out x

14th April 2017, 07:57
Hi Pinkelle,

I find it odd that an insurer who provides critical illness cover excludes MND. This is a life limiting disease so I would challenge them. They may list the condition as ALS.


14th April 2017, 09:30
Hi Barry. I've put it in the hands of the financial ombudsman now. No its definitely not on their list but Ms is! I challenged them on that as I said the description they had in the policy of Ms is exactly the same as mnd. They weren't having any of it. Hopefully the ombudsman will be able to sort it. They've told me it may take up to 12 weeks.

14th April 2017, 11:31
Hi Pinkelle;

It seems very promising if MS is on the list. It might be worth emailing Mnda connect to see if they can help as well.

Love Terry

14th April 2017, 12:20
Thanks Terry I will if I don't get anywhere with it

5th May 2017, 08:50
Looks like I'm going to have to contact mnda. Connect. Had reply from ombudsman and they've told me the insurance company have acted correctly!

5th May 2017, 15:23
Hi Pinkelle,

I am sorry to hear that the ombudsman is not assisting you. It really p****s me off that insurers are happy to take your money but look for any excuse to avoid paying out.

Barry x

5th May 2017, 17:47
I know Barry. It's really dragged me down today as we have a mortgage and loan, I would have really liked to pay a chunk off! Don't need money worries with all that's going on with my health.!

5th May 2017, 19:09
I'm sorry Pink that your claim was denied.

I know my critical illness payout made our lives considerably easier for the first few years. ALS was one of the specified illnesses on my policy so the claim was straightforward.

Ellie x.

5th May 2017, 20:33
It would have taken the strain off us as well. At least I'm lucky to still be able to stay in work. Bloody good job!! x

30th September 2017, 06:54
Finally.... My insurance company paid up!! Claimed under permanent disability in the end. Quite a battle but at least I can pay a chunk of my mortgage off now!

alfies mum
30th September 2017, 08:44
That's great I managed to get the payout on the Terminal Illness in July.It has enable us to have a wetroom door widening and outside a lift
To make our lives better
All the best

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